Announcing the Iowa People’s Presidential Forum on September 21

The 2020 elections must respond to the needs of people, not big money and wealthy corporations – this election is happening from the grassroots up. It all starts with presidential candidate forums held by People’s Action in four states and anchored in Iowa by CCI Action. RSVP now to The Iowa People’s Presidential Forum on September 21 Multiracial, working class people are the stars of these fourms, and no bland stump speeches are allowed!  Candidates will be invited onstage for real conversations with everyday people about big solutions to the struggles facing the multiracial working class. What Are We Talking About? Improved Medicare for AllUnions for AllA Factory Farm MoratoriumA 100% Just Green New DealHomes GuaranteeFree College for All We’ll tell our stories and ask presidential candidates to commit to partnering with us to enact our platform if they are elected. You’ll hear from family farmers, first generation immigrants, and...

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Weekly Update for March 22, 2019

Ways to take action for clean water, climate action, and racial justice in Iowa Happy Spring! That means warmer weather, more rain (and flooding), and more debate at the Iowa Statehouse. Our hearts go out to communities reeling from the widespread flood devastation. It’s a reminder of the power of nature and, unfortunately, of what is becoming a new normal. Many Nebraska and Iowa farmers are already at a disadvantage because they’re close to the financial breaking point. The price tag for this catastrophic record flooding in the Midwest will likely be over $1 billion when agricultural losses are included, according to some experts.   And, things are made worse by the toxic combination of flood waters and factory farms. You’ve been sending and sharing images that show how this flooding future and factory farms don’t mix.    Members in Story Co. have images of flooded fields where a 5,000-head hog factory and manure pit...

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What is bird dogging?

Presidential candidates are flocking to Iowa to court our vote. But where do they stand on our issues? Bird dogging candidates is an effective way to find out where they stand on the issues and shape the national debate. Read this guide and let the bird dogging begin! When you’re ready, we have three starter bird dogging questions to take to your next event.      What is bird dogging? To bird dog something means to seek out, to follow and watch carefully. When used in the context of campaigning, it means to seek out and attend candidate events and ask them specific questions on key issues you care about.      The beauty of bird dogging: Imagine the impact we could have if candidates are hearing the same questions multiple times from hundreds of people. By raising the same issue at multiple campaign events, we can get candidates to address our issues. And, when candidates address our issues, it is more likely that media and other...

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