Iowa Caucus: We The People Won Big

Three Iowa caucus goers hold signs for Bernie Sanders and a CCI petition

It’s been a frustrating 12 hours without caucus results, but I know we made history last night. In Iowa, we kicked off incredible momentum that will carry the groundswell of voters who want Medicare for All, Clean Water, the Green New Deal, and Free College for All into New Hampshire next week, and on to the rest of the country. We caucused for ourselves and our loved ones. We caucused for folks who came before us and for generations to follow. We caucused for the millions of people across the country – and the globe – who are ready to radically shift our political system away from greed to one that puts people and our planet first. We did that.  There’s a lot to critique about the Iowa caucus system. For every person we talked to who was excited to go, there were parents staying home with kids, people working second shift, or folks not able to attend due to accessibility issues.  But we used this “all eyes on Iowa”...

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Iowa CCI Action Endorses Bernie Sanders in the 2020 race

Our vision of changing business-as-usual politics starts and stops with people and our planet. That’s movement politics – bringing real people, our issues and our solutions into the center of our political system. We believe that our health, our water, and our climate are too important to be compromised for profit. We’re ready for a candidate who believes the same to be in the fight with us. Recently we’ve seen more and more candidates from the local to national level who challenge the political and economic establishment and support bold progressive solutions to the issues we face every day. Some 2020 Presidential candidates have been embracing or acknowledging movement politics. But only one of them has been doing it for decades, just like Iowa CCI Action and our sister organization Iowa CCI. That’s why Iowa CCI Action is endorsing Bernie Sanders. We’re standing with Bernie because Bernie stands with us. This wasn’t a decision...

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Announcing the Iowa People’s Presidential Forum on September 21

Registration is now closed! Watch the full People’s Presidential Forum video: <h4>The most comprehensive Iowa caucus issue guide: </h4> Saturday, September 21, 201912 PM – 5 PM Iowa Events Center833 5th Street, Des Moines, Iowa THIS IS BIG! Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Julián Castro, and Pete Buttigieg are confirmed for the CCI Action People’s Presidential Forum on Saturday, September 21st! RSVP NOW for your free ticket to the Iowa People’s Presidential Forum! We asked all the candidates to respond to our questionnaire, and all the top candidates — except Joe Biden — answered some of the toughest questions on the issues that are most important to Iowans. Now Warren, Sanders, Castro, and Buttigieg have confirmed that they will be joining movement leaders Mary Kay Henry the international president of SEIU, Ai-Jen Poo the President of National Domestic Workers Alliance, and over 2,000 voters at...

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Weekly Update for March 22, 2019

Happy Spring! That means warmer weather, more rain (and flooding), and more debate at the Iowa Statehouse. Our hearts go out to communities reeling from the widespread flood devastation. It’s a reminder of the power of nature and, unfortunately, of what is becoming a new normal. Many Nebraska and Iowa farmers are already at a disadvantage because they’re close to the financial breaking point. The price tag for this catastrophic record flooding in the Midwest will likely be over $1 billion when agricultural losses are included, according to some experts.   And, things are made worse by the toxic combination of flood waters and factory farms. You’ve been sending and sharing images that show how this flooding future and factory farms don’t mix.    Members in Story Co. have images of flooded fields where a 5,000-head hog factory and manure pit will be built. Some of these fields drain into a creek behind Story County homes...

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How can we use the caucuses to push for what we need?

We’re getting a bad case of caucus fever! Here’s why: we as Iowans have more power than anyone in the country to make bold policy solutions politically possible. For the next year, the eyes of the nation will be on our state. Candidates will be angling for our support, the press will be tracking every local story, and voters across the country will hear about our interactions with candidates. That’s why we see it as our duty to seize the amazing opportunity of the 2020 caucuses to push for the policies we need, like: The Green New Deal Medicare for All A Factory Farm Moratorium But we need your help to think through how exactly we make the most of this opportunity. That’s why we’re holding meetings with CCI Action members around the state, including in your community!  All the details are below. Please RSVP here to let us know you can make it! 2020 Caucus Strategy Session6:30pm-8pm, Tuesday,...

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