No public notice? Not on our watch!

CCI members' hard work at the Capitol is paying off but we aren’t done yet. A bad water quality bill, House File 311, passed out of the House Environmental Protection but not before 1 of 2 bad sections of the bill were gutted thanks to our work.

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We need Medicaid expansion in Iowa

We've heard from a lot of folks who would directly benefit from Medicaid expansion, and several testified at a Senate subcommittee meeting on the bill earlier in February.

Read our latest on the issue and how everyday Iowans would benefit in our latest post on the A Better Iowa website.

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A mother’s call for Medicaid expansion in Iowa

Moving personal testimony given before a packed Iowa Senate subcommittee, by CCI Action member Lou Ann Burkle February 11, 2013 Contact your legislators on this important issue. My name is Lou Ann Burkle. I live …  in Des Moines. [SHOW PICTURE] This is my beautiful, talented and precious daughter. My husband and I adopted our daughter when she was 6 weeks old. Our goal was to give her the best home possible, love her unconditionally, and give her every opportunity to be a whole, loving and productive person, and to be a little sister to our 4 year old daughter at that time. It soon became evident to us that her relational skills were slow in developing. Going to school became a huge anxiety for her. She did not talk in pre-school, kindergarten and first grade. We took videotapes to school to show teachers that she could talk. We sought help and received counseling. At age 6 our daughter was diagnosed with a mental illness known as “Selective Mutism,” an anxiety disorder on...

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Members testify for Medicaid expansion

Senate Democrats have introduced a bill to direct the state to expand Medicaid to cover struggling Iowans on the margins.

Now it's time for the governor and entire state legislature to do the right thing for Iowan's like LouAnn's daughter and for Holly and Molly and many more that lack basic coverage and access to care.

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Dozens of CCI members testify at environmental hearings across Iowa

Join us Thursday, February 21, from 7-8:30pm in Des Moines at the Drake University Sheslow Auditorium for the last environmental hearing in this series While our citizen lobbyists reshape the way business is done at the statehouse, dozens of CCI members from across Iowa are also taking action at home in their local communities for environmental policy that cracks down on factory farm pollution. Representative Chuck Isenhart (D-Dubuque) and Senator Dick Dearden (D-Des Moines) have held five environmental policy hearings across the state in recent weeks – in Ames, Carroll, Dubuque, Fairfield, and Marion. To date, more than 50 CCI members just like you have attended these hearings and testified for clean air and water initiatives and stronger and more effective public oversight over corporate polluters.  This work is helping to set the issue environment in a way that favors our policy proposals like local control and a fully-funded Department of Natural Resources (DNR). “My home is...

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