Iowa must get health insurance coverage right

In a flurry of last minute activity, the Iowa legislature passed a compromise to expand Medicaid coverage to over 100,000 Iowans.

This could be a very crucial step in the right direction... if we get it right.

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The Iowa Legislature passes Medicaid expansion compromise, but what’s next?

Medicaid expansion compromise passes the Iowa Legislature; CCI Action will continue to call for affordable access to care for all as details regarding the plan settle.

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CCI Action converges on Terrace Hill for Medicaid expansion

CCI Action members delivered nearly 150 comments from Iowans across the state wanting affordable health insurance on Saturday to Governor Branstad at his Terrace Hill mansion.

This was the latest action in a months long campaign to pass Medicaid expansion in Iowa to provide much needed insurance to 150,000 more Iowans.

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What would you tell Terry? Lawrence would #tellterry Medicaid is invaluable

Lawrence would tell Terry that Medicaid expansion is invaluable.

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What would you tell Terry?

What would you tell Terry? Mary Sand of Ames tells Governor Branstad "I don't trust that Iowa Care will be nearly good enough for my friend."

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