Welcome – let’s keep building the people-powered movement!

If you love Bernie’s campaign, you’ll love Iowa CCI Action!

We’re Iowa’s largest and most powerful progressive people’s organization.

Our members speak truth to power, take on the corrosive influence of big money special interests and “business as usual” politics, and put People and Planet issues at the center of the public debate. 

Through direct actions, rallies, training, and organizing campaigns on local and national issues, we bring people together to push policies that put People & Planet First.

We believe, as Iowans, it’s our responsibility to keep building the people-powered political revolution we need to win big on issues like:

  • Medicare for All
  • Green New Deal
  • Clean Water and a Factory Farm Moratorium
  • Free College for All
  • A Ban on Racial Profiling by police
  • And, electing movement leaders to office

An easy first step to keep building the political revolution in Iowa?

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