They have corporate lobbyists. We have YOU!

We make your voice heard – loud and clear – on important issues you care about.

Our vision of changing “business as usual” politics starts and stops with people. We push for policies that benefit ALL Iowans, not just the corporation few.

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That’s why when the new two-year Iowa legislative session begins on Jan. 11, we’ll be there to be the much needed “people’s voice” at the Statehouse.

From our lobby days, to our citizen lobby team, CCI Action members are your eyes and ears at the Statehouse. We make your voice heard – loud and clear – We lobby legislators directly, weigh in at subcommittee meetings, and monitor bills – both good and bad – to let you know when your call or email can have the biggest impact.

“Many times the only other people in the room besides legislators and lobbyists are CCI members, legislators need to know that everyday people are watching and want a voice in their democracy,” CCI Action member Brenda Brink.

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Our 2017 priorities


Bringing the Fight for $15 to the Statehouse:

It’s been over 7 years since the Iowa Legislature voted to raise the minimum wage. National studies have confirmed what we already know: $15 is what folks need to survive in Iowa. Iowa is well overdue for a wage increase. Living wages are a real win for all of us – our workers, our families, our businesses, and our community.

Water is life!  The Clean Water Fight shifts course to the Statehouse:

We need elected officials who put clean water first; who serve the common good NOT Big Ag or Big Oil. Together, we’ll push for mandatory (not voluntary) rules and regulations, increased fines and penalties for polluters, and inspections that find and fix problems. State leaders need to get serious about fixing the problem before they start using tax payer dollars at the problem. THEY dump it. YOU drink it. We won’t stop until they clean it up.



At the heart of it, we are everyday Iowans who are willing to stand up, speak out and fight back for the Iowa we want to see – an Iowa that puts people before profits, people before politics and people before polluters and that puts our communities before corporations.