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These movement leaders will be there. Will you?

They’re smart, they’re funny, and they’re leading the way on some of the most critical issues of our time: climate, immigration, healthcare, water, and changing “business as usual” politics.

They – along with our keynote speakers Bernie Sanders and Alicia Garza – will join us for a day when everyday Iowans from across the state will gather to build a future that works for all Iowans.


ERIKA ANDIOLA, Our Revolution, @ErikaAndiola

Workshop // Undocumented and Unafraid: Rising up in Trump’s America

Andiola is one of the most well-known DREAMers and immigration activists in the country. Her fearlessness has defined organizing within undocumented communities. Nationally respected, she’s consulted on immigration policy for members of Congress and Bernie Sanders’s 2016 presidential campaign.



BREE CARLSON, People’s Action, @NPASRP

Workshop // From Protest to Power: Where’s My Place in the Movement?

Carlson played a pivotal role in developing People’s Action’s 40-year People & Planet First Agenda – a “game changer” for the progressive movement. A CCI crowd favorite, she challenges organizations to think bigger and bolder about the fights we need to win to put People & Planet First.



JUDITH LEBLANC, Native Organizers Alliance, @JudithLeBlanc

Workshop // Climate in Crisis: Building the Movement for a Just Transition

LeBlanc has been deeply involved in the KXL and DAPL pipeline fights, and is building grassroots political leadership in Tribes across the country. She brings four decades of experience as an organizer, journalist, and public spokesperson on a range of economic, peace, and justice issues.



MICHAEL LIGHTY, National Nurses United, @mLighty60

Workshop // The Fight For Our Lives: Medicare for All!

Lighty has been organizing for economic justice for 35 years and has served on many community, education, and political organizations’ boards, including as the first openly LGBTQ Commissioner for the Port of Oakland. National Nurses United is leading the charge on Medicare for All and changing up “business as usual” politics.



WILL GUZZARDI, Illinois State Representative, @WillGuzzardi

CARLOS RAMIREZ-ROSA, Chicago Alderman, @CDROsa

Workshop // Co-Governance: Doing Politics Differently

Guzzardi and Ramirez-Rosa are “movement politicians.” Both are activists who ran for office and won by pushing a bold progressive issue platform – a powerful example of how elected officials can work with organizations like Iowa CCI Action to score big victories for everyday people.


TOM PHILPOTT, agricultural reporter, Mother Jones, @TomPhilpott

Workshop // False Narratives and Fake News: Challenging Corporate Ag in the Media

From “feeding the world” to “get big or get out,” the dominant narrative controls how decisions are made. Every time we shift the narrative, we redefine what’s politically possible. Join investigative food and farm reporter Tom Philpott to learn how we can use the media to change hearts and minds and advance our vision for a just and sustainable food system.


Are you fired up for the future of Iowa?

Join us on July 15 for Revolution Iowa: From Protest to Power!

With more than 500 attendees expected, and movement leaders from across the country lined up, this year’s event is not to be missed.


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