July 15 — Our workshops revealed. Don’t miss out!


On July 15, hundreds of us will come together in Des Moines for an energizing, uplifting, and powerful day that will take the resistance of today to the revolution for tomorrow.

Make history with us! Register for Revolution Iowa: From Protest to Power today!

We’ll hear from powerful speakers — like Alicia Garza and Bernie Sanders.

And we’ll dig in on the pressing issues of the day in six action-packed workshops:


Undocumented and Unafraid: Rising Up in a Divided America
// Erika Andiola, Our Revolution

In America today, hate crimes and harassment against immigrants and refugees are continuing to rise. Join Erika Andiola, a high profile DREAMer and policy director at Our Revolution, as she lays out the innovative strategies that immigrants are using to resist the current attack on their lives and win. Explore new ways to unify and be an active and effective ally while working within a system designed to silence and divide us.

From Protest to Power: Where’s My Place in the Movement?
// Bree Carlson, People’s Action

Our economic and political systems are not working for everyday people. Right now, we have a chance to build a movement unlike anything we’ve seen before. How do we take this opportunity and create real change on the issues we care about? In this workshop, organizing leaders Alicia Garza (Black Lives Matter co-founder) and Bree Carlson (People’s Action) will show us how to join our voices together in this “moment of resistance” to change the biggest injustices in our society.

Climate in Crisis: The Movement for a Just Transition
// Judith LeBlanc, Native Organizers Alliance

At this workshop, attendees will discuss building a movement to fight dirty energy interests. We’ll learn what we can do to help build democratically and locally controlled clean energy. Activist and organizer, Judith LeBlanc, will share lessons learned from her work with indigenous communities to fight pipelines and the fossil fuel industry. We’ll also unveil our new climate campaign and share how you can join the push for a 100% clean energy Iowa that benefits 100% of the people.

The Fight for our Lives – Medicare for All!
// Michael Lighty, National Nurses United

Tens of thousands of Iowans are at risk of losing their health insurance coverage and Iowa’s Medicaid system is in crisis. Now is the time to fight for what we need. NNU is on the frontlines demanding Medicare for All—they know that corporate profit has no place in healthcare.  Organizing leader Michael Lighty will discuss how we use the current crisis in healthcare as an opportunity to build a bold movement to achieve fair care for everybody.

Co-Governance: Doing Politics Differently
// Will Guzzardi, Illinois State Representative; Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, Chicago Alderman; Amanda Weaver, Reclaim Chicago

If you want to see what it looks like when elected officials actually work hand-in-hand with people’s organizations, this is the workshop for you. We know that we need to start electing “movement candidates” — everyday people who come out of our grassroots organizing — to office. But what happens after they win? This workshop explores one model of “co-governing” between two Chicago elected officials and CCI Action sister organization, Reclaim Chicago.

False Narratives and Fake News: Challenging Corporate Ag in the Media
// Tom Philpott, Mother Jones

From “feeding the world” to “get big or get out,” corporate agriculture’s dominant narrative shapes public opinion and policy. Every time we challenge their narrative—and lift up our own—we redefine what’s politically possible. Join investigative food and farm reporter Tom Philpott to learn how we can use the media to change hearts and minds and advance our vision of a food system that works for farmers, workers, eaters, and our environment.