Why Pat and Kenn love Convention

Dear Friends,

Eleven years ago, my husband Kenn & I were relatively new members. We were very supportive but not super involved. Each time we talked to Lisa, the organizer in our area, she told us about the Statewide Convention. “You have to come!,” she’d say. “It’s so great.”

But, we had standing Friday night plans that we loved. So we contemplated. A nice meal and a big name speaker for a relatively low registration fee? We decided to step out of our routine and give it a try.

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The day of the convention we ended up getting there so late that we missed dinner and didn’t even get to sit together. But, here’s the thing…we LOVED it! The program, the workshops and the energy were so impactful. I can’t remember a time I learned so much or left feeling so hopeful and energized. 

11 years later, I’m still impressed. I’ve only missed one convention since.

This year’s big event is Saturday, August 20. It’s the best event we do all year. It’s like a big family reunion, the guest speakers always broaden my perspective, and I meet so many like-minded Iowans that I’m excited to work with to change “business as usual” politics and push for the world we want to see. Oh, and pie! 🙂

You have to go! I’d love to see you there,


Pat Bowen, member from Iowa City


Details to Know


Saturday, August 20 | 8:30 am – 4 pm

First Christian Church, 2500 University Ave., Des Moines, Ia. 50311

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