What happened this legislative session: funnel II report

The second legislative bill “funnel” has now passed and many of our People & Planet First priorities are no longer eligible for consideration.

That said, your hard work, lobbying, calls and emails pushed many of our good bills further than ever this year, including:

  • advancing a bipartisan payday loan bill out of the Republican-led House Commerce Committee,
  • advancing bills to curb wage theft, payroll debit regulations, and an admittedly weak minimum wage bill out of the Senate and into the House,
  • continuing the conversation on the need to get big money out of politics, and
  • going on the offense for clean water by helping introduce a bill cracking down on factory farm manure spreading.

In addition to pushing progressive policies, you were also key in stopping bills that would continue business as usual for the factory farm industry.

This was most telling in the overwhelming response to action alerts on House File 586, a corporate factory farm bill that was a direct attack on gains won through our Clean Water Fight the past few years.

Our awesome Citizen Lobby Team kicked into high gear and spent several mornings lobbying legislators at the Capitol. They successfully drove a wedge in the House Republican Caucus, spliting off votes and securing House Democratic opposition the bad bill. Your tireless work was instrumental in stopping this bill from coming to a vote in the Republican led house.

Thank you for all that you do!


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