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The only way through this is forward,
The only way forward is together.

CCI Actions biggest fundraiser and membership drive of the year is Monday, November 30 – Friday, December 4. Donate or join today!

Take a deep breath – We did it.   

We made Donald Trump a one-term president.   

This election was won by the people—people like you and me who are bonded not by candidate or party, but by a vision for a better future, a future where everyone counts, no exceptions.  

CCI Action members and our allies across the country strategized and organized to vote Trump out—and that’s exactly what we did. We saw what is possible when Black, Indigenous, Latinx, working class white folks, students, and all kinds of people organize. We can take on the most powerful politicians and their corporate backers and win. 

The end of the Trump presidency is a major victory for people and the planet. And it was necessary to stop the “free-fall to hell,” as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez put it.

Now take another deep breath—then stiffen your back, roll up your sleeves, and sharpen your gaze—we’ve got work to do.  

Iowa’s election results show a deep divide, and it’s a divide that we need to bridge to tackle the multiple crises we face.Governor Reynolds’s inept COVID response is killing people every day. More than 2,000 Iowans will have died by the time this letter reaches you. There’s no time to spare. 

The past ten months have further exposed the deeply entrenched systems we’re up against.

But here’s some good news. Our response to these crises has brought thousands more people into our work for healthcare for all, for clean water, for racial justice, for worker’s rights, and for climate action. More than 8,435 people took action with us this year—that’s more people than ever before.

And in these past few months, we had 5,336 conversations with Iowans across the state. When we talk to people about what they believe in and what they need, we cross the divide. When we do that, we can learn from each other’s experiences and come together powerfully to take on those who profit from our division and fear. That’s organizing, and that’s what we do best at CCI Action. 

We know it’s up to us to move our agenda forward and to build real community. No one candidate or party is going to do that for us. We have to do the work and fund the work ourselves.

That’s why this week, I’m asking you to support the work we do together through CCI Action by renewing your membership, joining, or making a year-end gift at the $50, $75, $100, $250 level or another amount works for you this year. 

We’ve set big goal we’ve set for ourselves.

To start 2021 as strong as possible, we want to raise $50,000 for the work ahead. To help us reach this big goal, generous CCI Action members have put up a $5,000 challenge grant to kick off our year-end fundraising and membership campaign in a big way.

Donate to CCI Action by Friday, December 4
and your donation will be DOUBLED!  

As we start 2021, we need to know where we stand both financially and with our membership—we need you with us, now more than ever.   

Support and involvement from our members and our base of supporters gives CCI Action the ability to respond to whatever is thrown at us—like Iowa’s COVID-19 crisis, the movement for racial justice, or a factory farm fight. And it allows us to dig in strategically on our critical issue campaigns.

Your contribution will not only help us build our political and people power through 2021, it will also help fuel the movement that will sustain us. Our eyes are on the Governor’s race in 2022 and beyond.  

And, right now we’ve got work to do. There is an urgent need to: 

  • Fight for a COVID-19 response and recovery—our lives are literally on the line. 
  • Stand up at the Statehouse for People & Planet First issues, no matter what bad bills our big-money elected officials throw at us.  
  • Bring together tried and true community organizing with new technology to organize through the pandemic and across race, place, and class to increase our power and win changes that will make a difference in the lives of people and the health of the planet.   
  • Run our own candidates, from our movement.

We’re fiercely optimistic, but we’re also realistic. We’re building power in this moment. But as the election results show, so is our opposition. That’s why our work together is so important. We’re not going to back down.

You’re the most important part of CCI Action. I’m so dang proud of our work together this year. Together we’re part of a vibrant, vocal, independent powerhouse that’s going to fight for—and win—what our communities need. It’s long-haul work for sure, but I know it can be done.

It’s going to take all of us. Your contribution of $50, $75, $100, $250 or whatever amount you choose will go right to work, fighting for the Iowa we know is possible.

Donate to CCI Action today. Join as a member. Renew your membership. Be as generous as you can be in this year. There’s a lot at stake.

The only way through this is forward, the only way forward is together.

Thanks so much for your involvement, commitment, and support,    

Hugh Espey (he/him)  
Executive Director  

P.S. Stay in the fight! Donate today. Your year-end gift will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Thank you!