We sat in: Grassley #StopSessions direct action recap

Friday, January 13, 100 activists occupied the Des Moines Federal Building  demanding Senator Grassley reject Sen. Jeff Sessions’ appointment as U.S. Attorney General. Twenty justice fighters staged a sit-in at Grassley’s 7th floor office.


CCI Action Executive Director, Hugh Espey and NAACP Region IV Director, Redditt Hudson risked arrest as they vowed to stay at Sen. Grassley’s office until Sessions was no longer a nominee. Police removed both  Espey and Hudson from the building effective at 5pm.



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Over 45,000 tuned-in to our livestream of this powerful action to resist Trump’s racist appointment. Watch it below.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out and stood up for what’s right and for those who called in to Sen. Grassley’s office.

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