URGENT: How you can influence Friday’s Dem Forum

We know that we need to get big money out of politics. All three Democratic candidates for President have said we need to get big money out of politics.  But “we the people” deserve to know if their “walk” matches their “talk”.

Rachel Maddow is moderating a Democratic Candidate Forum this Friday, November 6 at 7pm and she is requesting audience questions by 4pm today

Join CCI Action members and others across the country in submitting enough questions on big money in politics to ensure Rachel brings it up with the candidates!

Here’s how you can submit questions:

Here’s some questions you can send to help make that happen:

  • All of you have endorsed comprehensive sets of policies to fight big money in politics. What would you do in your first 100 days to pass or implement those policies?
  • All of you agree that we need to address the influence of big money in our elections, but President Obama did too without taking any real action on the issue. If elected president, how will you prioritize and implement an agenda to strengthen?
  • All of you have denounced the influence of super PACs in elections. In past elections like the 2012 US Senate race candidates agreed to People’s Pledges to discourage super PAC spending in the election. Would you support a People’s Pledge in this race?

Let’s keep the momentum behind getting big money out of politics going strong. I hope you’ll find time today before you leave work or get ready to make dinner to submit a question to Rachel Maddow in advance of Friday’s Democratic Candidate Forum.


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