Top 15 photos from rally day

There were lots LOTS to chose from, but I think these will give you the take-aways from today. Enjoy!


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Take away headline: Branstad locked all but "reserved guests" out of his "State of the State" address. Crowd forced to watch from hallway.









Readying for the "People's Hallway." Branstad was forced to walk through hallways lined with hundreds of Iowans.














Branstad makes his way down two flights of stairs and a hallway lined with hundreds of CCI, union and occupy members chanting "Put People First!"
















What a beautiful sight and sound - hundreds in the "People's Hallway" following Branstad to his office.











High energy and community/labor solidarity behind the vision that government should work for our communities not corporations.











We shook the rafters. There wasn't a hallway in the place that couldn't hear our message during our "State of the 99%" address, our direct response to the governor's speech.









The scene, but only part of the crowd. There were dozens on the top rotunda and dozens out of screen.










AFSCME president Danny Homan got the crowd fired up. "Branstad should know all the workers and all the people matter in Iowa."












George's sign shows us who Gov. Branstad really stands with.









CCI member Matt Kearney leads the crowd in a mic-check reading of our letter to Branstad.









CCI member Jim Walters, master sign maker, holds his message high in the crowd.












Let the lobbying begin: members catch Sen. Seng, chair of Sen. Ag committee, in hallway and grill him on factory farm issues.









CCI member Sr. Marian Klostermann, reads a letter aloud outside House Maj. Leader Upmeyer's office. Rep. Upmeyer is the Treasurer of the ALEC board.










CCI member Gloria Aguilar and others lobby Rep. Lance Horback, chair of the House Labor committee, on a pending wage theft crack down bill.












A big shout out to the nearly 500 CCI Action, union and occupy members who traveled near and far to stand with others at the statehouse today.





















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