The election results are in

A note from CCI Action’s Movement Politics Organizer after the June 7 primary:

The election results are in, and one thing is clear – our people power movement is getting stronger.

Not every candidate we endorsed won, but we won big on the issues. Jaylen Cavil (Des Moines House District 36) came in a strong second in a six candidate primary, Austin Frerick (Linn County Senate District 37) came within 148 votes of winning against a two-term incumbent, and Glenn Hurst (Iowa Senate) made issues like Medicare for All a top-tier issue in the race.

These movement candidates knew it would be an uphill battle, but that our fight for racial justice, healthcare justice, and environmental justice was worth it.

And racial justice won big in Polk County with Kimberly Graham winning the Democratic nomination for County Attorney. This came on the heels of over four years of our organizing for police accountability, criminal justice reform, and racial justice. Kimberly and our movement will bring much needed change to the prosecutor office in Iowa’s most populous county.

In Johnson County, our endorsed candidates Jon Green and V Fixmer-Oraiz won the two Democratic nominations for the County Board of Supervisors. This is a testament to and advancement of the work we and other allies have been doing to create an excluded workers fund and for elected officials to use public money for the public good.

Over the past couple months, members like you made calls and spoke with nearly 2,000 more everyday Iowans who aligned with us on our issues and the candidates. For our movement and people power to continue growing, we must bring these people into our issue organizing, because movement politics isn’t just turning out people to the polls, it’s bringing them into our organizing and taking action for our people and planet.

We’re building local power on our issues to fight for a state where our communities and planet are always prioritized before polluters, politics, profits, and police. As our local power grows, the closer we get to realizing our statewide vision of a better, more just Iowa.

The change we truly need won’t happen overnight, but it’s happening step-by-step with each issue organizing campaign and with elections like the primary yesterday. We’ll be even stronger going into the November election, and because of our growing movement and members like you, we’ll be a force to be reckoned with as we look ahead to 2023 and 2024.

So again, thank you, and I look forward to growing our people-power movement here in Iowa. Our work continues, and I believe that we will win.

For our people and planet,

Catherine (they/them)
Movement Politics Organizer

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