Stop Governor Reynolds’ public school heist scheme

At CCI Action, we believe that every child – no matter their zip code, background, race, gender, identity, or ability – has an equal right to a quality education. That means fully funding our public schools, urban and rural, so that every child gets an accurate and honest education that prepares them for their future and pursue their dreams.

Which is why what Governor Reynolds is proposing regarding school vouchers troubles us. Though she says it’s about giving parents choice, it’s really an attempt to undermine faith in our public schools, cast doubt on public educators, and keep us from coming together to demand our public schools get the resources they need to equip each and every student with critical skills and life lessons.

Adding insult to injury, Gov. Reynolds pulled a bait-and-switch on everyday Iowans. For the past two years, she campaigned on giving 1,000 students vouchers to attend private school at a cost of about $55 million. Now that initial cost has ballooned to over $100 million in the first year, and by the third year of her voucher scheme she’d open the floodgates of taxpayer money to any student in the state.

Public money should be for public schools, not to subsidize private schools and the wealthy few. See below for more information on this scam and how to contact your legislators.

  • Senate version of the Governor’s bill here and House version here
  • Find your legislators and their contact information here
  • Read more about how the Governor radically changed her plan here
  • Iowans by and large aren’t in favor of this, but hedge fund millionaires are
  • Read more on this issue and find ways to take action from ISEA here