Racist comments from Steve King Mirror the Tree of Life Gunman

The hate motivating the Tree of Life shooter’s murders was directed at the Pittsburgh Jewish community because they provide legal assistance to immigrants through Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), who the shooter accused of “bringing invaders in that kill our people.”

Earlier this year, Steve King threatened immigration attorneys who were helping migrants, saying “These lawyers better have their laws right if they are going to go to a foreign country and help facilitate an unarmed invasion into the United States” (April 25, 2018, Fox News).

The shooter and King share a common fear of migrants as “invaders” and they both direct their rage at the immigration lawyers who protect them.

The last words the shooter said before shooting up the synagogue were, “I can’t sit by an watch my people get slaughtered. Screw your optics. I’m going in.”

This summer, King, also angered by immigration policy which he claimed had “sacrificed thousands, including their own, on the altar of political correctness.”

The Tree of Life killer accused Jews of “committing genocide to my people.” When asked about “the Great Replacement” – the racist theory of white genocide – King also blamed a Jew by responding with a long diatribe about George Soros, who is a common target of anti-semitic conspiracy theories and recently the recipient of a pipe bomb from another far-right terrorist.

King explained these conspiracy theories in an interview with a notorious anti-semitic website in Austria. King traveled to Europe for the interview by tricking a non-profit devoted to preserving the memory of the Holocaust into paying for his international tickets. It was the fifth trip to Austria King has made since 2013; King travels to Austria frequently to collaborate with the far-right party founded by an SS officer.

This is the man that the Greater Des Moines Partnership invited to speak today, just five days after the worst anti-semitic attack in our nation’s history. This is the man who has been granted the privilege of a chance to spew his rhetoric and worldview at the richest and most powerful business leaders in Iowa: a man who has exhibited all the red flags of the Tree of Life shooter.

This is the man that companies like Berkshire Hathaway continue to invest in. This is how corporate greed upholds racism in our country.

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