So amazing!

A message from Bridget Fagan, member and CCI lifer!

I grew up at Iowa CCI. I was a take action baby. My dad is founding director Joe Fagan, and he made sure I was at every action.

I’m a big believer in the importance of the CCI Action Fund. Iowa needs us. Already 335 of you have contributed $19,898 during this campaign. Big thanks to all of you!!

We’re so close! And we have a new $2,000 challenge match – give today
your money will go twice as far!


I’m not the kind of person to step aside and let politics—decisions about our lives—happen to us. I’m about politics by us.

That’s where CCI Action comes in. It’s how we actively participate in the political arena. And it’s got to be us funding our own people firstmovement to challenge the powers that be.

CCI Action is about shaking things up and changing “business as usual” politics. We want progressive candidates, our candidates, to win offices from the courthouse to the Statehouse.

We’re getting so close to our goal. Give today so your money will be doubled.

Click here to donate online. Or, mail your check today to Iowa CCI Action Fund, 2001 Forest Ave, Des Moines, Ia. 50311.

If enough of us contribute today we could even go over the top a day early! If you haven’t donated yet, today is the day to do it!

Here’s to you!


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