Ross Grooters wins Pleasant Hill City Council race!

Ross Grooters at the parade

Election Day was a big deal for us — we and longtime leader Ross Grooters won his campaign for Pleasant Hill city council!

Ross was one of the first movement candidates that we recruited and trained, and that our new Iowa CCI PAC endorsed and worked to get elected.

Ross has long been a leader in CCI campaigns, and his decision to run was grounded in the work we do together. The campaign focused on talking to voters about our issues – clean water, living wages, and welcoming communities. It was powered by volunteers knocking over 4,000 doors and having over 1,500 conversations – not by buying ads and courting big money donors.

Our win shows that when we have progressive, people-powered candidates who focus on issues and people, we can fire-up voters and win.

Let’s elect more movement candidates! Donate $25 to the Iowa CCI PAC today!

This election proved that clean water, fight for $15, healthcare for all, and racial justice issues aren’t just moral issues, they’re winning issues! Clean water conversations propelled a Des Moines city council victory, Philadelphia elected a new district attorney who is passionate about ending mass incarceration, and voters in Maine approved Medicaid expansion.

Making a real policy difference on issues that matter in our lives — that’s what elections should be about, right? 

That’s why we’re doing politics differently. Our PAC is not about writing checks to candidates – we’re using elections to build long-lasting people power and win on issues we care about.

Ross’s race was just the beginning. Our eyes are set on the 2018 elections and beyond.

Let’s change “business as usual” politics. Donate $25 to the Iowa CCI PAC today.

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