We’re endorsing Ross Grooters for Pleasant Hill City Council

CCI Action Fund has an exciting announcement:  we’re endorsing Ross Grooters’ campaign for Pleasant Hill City Council!

You might know Ross – he’s been a leader on all of our issues. Because of his experience with CCI Action, Ross has been inspired to run for office.

His platform is clear: “living wages, clean water, and a welcoming city.”

Ross Grooters at the parade

Why is CCI Action weighing-in on Pleasant Hill race?

For two reasons: The CCI Action board voted to endorse Ross because his campaign is an opportunity to advance our issues – and it’s a chance for us, as an organization, to build up our electoral skills.

Here’s another announcement: We recently formed a state Political Action Committee (PAC). Sure, PAC’s can have a bad name – especially Super PACs that allow the rich and powerful to pour dark money into elections.

We have a vision for a different kind of PAC:

  • Instead of writing checks to candidates, we’ll mobilize volunteers to knock doors, make phone calls, and hold events on behalf of candidates.
  • Instead of endorsing “the lesser of two evils,” we’ll endorse bold “People & Planet First” champions that we’re actually excited about.
  • Instead of handing things off to the candidate once they win, we’lldemand a “co-governing” relationship where the movement has a real say in policy making.

We’re excited about this vision of “Movement politics”!

And, we’re kicking off our endorsement of Ross with a weekend of action this Saturday and Sunday.

We’re serious about putting people power behind Ross’ campaign – but we can’t do it without your help.

Can you commit one door canvassing shift this weekend?

Click here to sign up:

1pm-4pm, Saturday, August 12

5pm-8pm, Saturday, August 12

1pm-4pm, Sunday, August 13

Haven’t knocked doors before? No problem! Each shift will start with a canvass training that will get you prepared.

Click here to sign up for volunteer shift this weekend. Let’s show that CCI Action members are serious about doing elections differently!

Help us do politics differently:


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