Three legislative public hearings in one day


Over 400 of you showed up to make your voices heard and hundreds more submitted comments online for yesterday’s (3/6/17) public hearings on bills to:

  • Dismantle the Des Moines Water Works (HF 484)
  • Preempt the minimum wage and lower the wages for thousands of workers (HF 295)
  • Promote voter supression through measures like Voter ID (HF 516)


Here are a couple of inspiring quotes from yesterday’s hearings:

“Come election time, we will remember which of you voted with the People and Planet and which of you voted with corporate ag and corporate greed.”

“Polk County, along with Johnson, Linn, and Wapello counties, did the right thing. They did the thoughtful research, they debated, but most of all they listened to their constituents, Iowa residents, and made a bold and humane decision to raise the minimum wage…How could you, with any human decency, take away income from our lowest-paid Iowans, who I call the ‘working poor’?”

Highlights from the day:

Make sure to keep calling your state Representatives. Tell them to vote NO on the above bills. Click here to find their contact information.

Stay tuned. We’ll provide further action steps as these bills come up for debate in the House.

For talking points on each piece of legislation, click:

Learn more:

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