Reality Check: Living the Wage

Five CCI Action staffers committed to the Live the Wage challenge – we’re fighting to raise the wage so we wanted to experience the struggle, as best we could, that minimum wage earners face.

Right now, someone who works full time on the minimum wage earns only $290 a week – after housing costs and taxes, that breaks down to just $77 a week to spend on food and transportation.

Imagine feeding your family and living your normal life on that budget. For many, it is not a world to be imagined, but a daily reality.

We only lived the wage for a week, and our write ups point out how this time period does not realistically portray the life of a minimum wage earner…

Just click on the name of the staffer to read their follow up.

Sharon Zanders-Ackiss 

Bridget Fagan

Karla Bromwell

Jess Mazour

Emily Harmon


It’s time to Raise the Wage. Help spread the word by taking the Live the Wage challenge. Contact us here!


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