People’s Condition of the State

Last night, Governor Reynolds delivered her Condition of the State address. She claimed the condition of our state was strong, but her priorities will do anything but prepare our state for the future.

What we need are investments in our public programs and rural communities, not more dangerous tax cuts and giveaways for the wealthy. We need fully-funded public schools to ensure each and every child no matter their zip code, background, identity or ability receives a quality education that prepares them for the future – not funneling taxpayer money into vouchers for private schools.

That’s why at the conclusion of Reynolds’ address, we delivered our own “People’s Condition of the State” address! View and share it on Facebook here or visit our YouTube page to view.

In our address, grassroots leaders from across the state laid out what is truly needed to move our state forward, from investing in rural healthcare and public schools, to addressing affordable housing and pushing back against greenwashing schemes and land grabs by CO2 pipeline profiteers.

The legislative session is now firmly underway, and we’re ready to take action for our people and planet. Stay tuned to our emails and social media for timely ways you can plug in and make your voice heard.

To kick things off, here are three ways you can join us in the coming weeks to amplify the voices of everyday Iowans and push for policies that put people before profits, politics, and polluters:

  • Contact your state Senator and Representative and tell them we need fully-funded public schools, not Gov. Reynolds’ proposal to use taxpayer money for a select few. Find your legislators and contact information here.
  • Join us online to hear more about what we can do to crack down on factory farms and proposed CO2 pipelines in the new legislature. Sign up for our webinar at 7pm on Jan. 18 here.
  • Come to the statehouse on Jan. 25 to join with members of Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture for a ‘Stop Factory Farms’ lobby day where we’ll educate lawmakers on the need for a factory farm moratorium. RSVP here.

As CCI Action Board President Cherie Mortice said at the closing of our address, “the condition of our people, our Iowa values, are strong, even if leadership at the top isn’t! We don’t turn around and WE won’t back down! We will move ONWARD!”