8/20 “People Powered Politics” workshops announced!

Workshops are always a hit!

The #1 complaint we hear about our convention is “I want to go to more workshops!”

They’re informative, inspiring and feature bold movement doers and thinkers on key issues of our time.

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Pivoting past pipelines—A just transition

Featuring Dawn Dannenbring and Rev. Tony Pierce from Illinois People’s Action

The climate fight is a unique and pivotal moment to reshape the world ahead of us: who will control and benefit from the clean energy future – big corporations or the people? Dawn Dannenbring and Rev. Tony Pierce from Illinois People’s Action will share how they brought fracking to a halt in Illinois, and the lessons they’ve learned making the switch from fighting back to fighting for the future our communities need.

Doing politics differently
Featuring Amanda Weaver and David Hatch from Reclaim Chicago

When we talk about changing “business as usual” politics, Reclaim Chicago and The People’s Lobby are the real deal. Amanda Weaver and David Hatch will share how they’ve mobilized new political activism to weave together targeted racial and economic justice policy battles, inspiring direct actions, and tough-as-nails political organizing to take on Chicago’s political establishment and score powerful wins.


Seizing our clean water movement
Featuring Tarah Heinzen and Michele Merkel from Food & Water Watch

We’re winning the battle of big ideas on factory farms and clean water – now we need to win the battle of solutions. Get the latest on the federal Clean Water Act fight and bad pollution trading schemes (voluntary measures that don’t work) coming down the pipe from our powerful legal allies Tarah Heinzen and Michele Merkel from Food and Water Watch. And, discuss how we’ll take this campaign to the next level here in Iowa.

Economics for activists
Featuring Les Leopold from The Labor Institute

In need of simple, powerful information to help you talk about and win our day to day battles for justice and democracy? Don’t miss Les Leopold! The author of Runaway Inequality will talk about the roots of our current economic crisis and how it relates to all of our issues from the workplace to our environment. Together, we’ll explore how breaking down issue silos can help us build the powerful mass movement we need to fight back and win!

Join us Saturday Aug 20th for the best gathering of progressives in Iowa: connect and reconnect with like-minded folks, learn something new and get re-energized at our 2016 Convention!