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Info to Know about Attending A Future Worth Fighting For

We’re excited that you and hundreds of other Iowans are joining us for our 2018 annual convention: A Future Worth Fighting For on Saturday, July 21. Together, we’ll turn the resistance of today into political power for the future we need. Here are your Saturday, July 21 “Details to know”: Registration opens at 8 am. The event kicks off at 9 am! At the registration table, you’ll receive your program packet, your t-shirt ticket, and your name badge. Please plan time to park, walk, and get through registration on time. > What to wear — all registrants get a FREE T-SHIRT:  We’re excited to have an event t-shirt for all registrants! T-shirts will be available at registration. Sizes will be first come, first serve. We’d love for you to wear the t-shirt at the event. What’s more powerful (and photogenic) than a room full of social justice fighters? Hundreds wearing the same shirt in solidarity, that’s what! Otherwise, we’re a fairly casual crowd, BUT we do...

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Agenda – A Future Worth Fighting For Annual Convention

8:00 am          Registration & Coffee Grand Concourse Coffee available in Grand Concourse Pie auction, photo booth, and action tables open 9:00 am         Opening Plenary Rooms 303-306 Welcome Cherie Mortice, member Nuestra Danza Sin Fronteras Barb Kalbach, CCI Action Board President Lori Young, member We Still Rise Cathy Glasson, member and movement candidate How we win: Aligning and Organizing across race, place, class, and gender  Favianna Rodriguez, CultureStrike Rashad Robinson, Color of Change George Goehl, People’s Action 10:30 am      Break 10:40 am      Workshops – Session 1                                                      Rooms 301-310 Organizing in Trump Country: Beating Back Corporate Ag’s Attack in Missouri (Room 301) **The Power of Art, Culture, and Storytelling in Social Justice Movements (Room 306) From Protest to Power: Movement Politics in Practice (Room 308) The...

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Keep ICE out of Iowa: Deportation Defense Discussions

For years, ICE has been terrorizing our communities with little to no accountability. From the recent raid in Mount Pleasant where workers were racially profiled, detained, and some even tazed or beaten by ICE agents to the consistent individual pick-ups across Iowa, it's clear that ICE has gone rogue.

Enough is enough.

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July 21 Workshop Lineup

What are you willing to fight for? The stakes are high in 2018! Almost all statewide offices are up for election, including the Governor’s seat. This election will shape Iowa for generations. We need to fight today for our shared future and be clear about what it should look like.

On July 21 we come together for our annual convention to plan the fight of our lives. Don't miss the chance to learn from and be inspired by these powerful movement leaders.

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For people who know something is very wrong but aren’t sure what to do

Are you following the recent news articles about ICE? We want to share a few links and resources here, largely informed by posts from Amanda Gelender and Guante, and partly by this quote from Mariame Kaba (@prisonculture on Twitter):

Questions I regularly ask myself when I'm outraged about injustice:
1. What resources exist so I can better educate myself?
2. Who's already doing work around this injustice?
3. Do I have the capacity to offer concrete support & help to them?
4. How can I be constructive?

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2018 Johnson County Supervisor Questionnaire

Primary day is fast approaching! There are competitive races up and down the ballot, including for two seats on the Board of Supervisors in Johnson County. Local offices like county supervisor are crucially important. They provide tons of opportunities for leadership on our issues: clean water, living wages, climate justice, and protecting our immigrant brothers and sisters. That’s why the CCI Action board voted to survey candidates for Johnson County Supervisor: to see where they stand on our issues. We developed a questionnaire that we circulated to the three candidates. The answers we received are below. As you’ll see, two of the candidates (Janelle Rettig and Mike Carberry) answered all of the questions. The last candidate, Pat Heiden, did not answer our questions, and instead provided a general statement about her approach to governing. Mike Carberry Pat Heiden Janelle Rettig We hope you find this information valuable, and don’t forget to vote on (or before) June...

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CCI Action Launches Vote Glasson Media Blitz

“Glasson has an issue-driven approach to this race, and her policy proposals are the solutions that rural Iowa needs.” said Hugh Espey, executive director of CCI Action. ““But this race is about more than just Cathy, it’s about doing politics differently and building a people powered movement around everyday issues to win big change.”

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Voting in Iowa

Thanks to Paul Pate, Kim Reynolds, and Republican legislators, voting in Iowa’s primary will be harder this year than ever before. Here’s what you need to know about absentee voting, voting by mail, and Iowa’s voter ID laws this year...

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2018 Congressional Candidate Questionnaires

Primary day is fast approaching!

That’s right – the June 5th primary election is a few weeks away. There are competitive races up and down the ballot, including for your seat in Congress.

This Congressional race is crucially important. We want to make sure the Democratic nominee is a champion on our issues: clean water, living wages, climate justice, and protecting the immigrant community.

That’s why the CCI Action board developed a questionnaire that we circulated to all the Democratic candidates.

We gave the various campaigns a fair amount of time to respond, and now we have compiled the responses from your district into one handy chart.

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We visited Iowa Select

Check out this photo from a powerful action yesterday. Then, keep reading to see which clean water champion we're voting for on June 5th!

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