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VIDEO: Branstad walks “People’s Hallway”

After being locked out of the galleries for Governor Branstad's "State of the State" address, hundreds lined both sides of the hallway all the way from Branstad’s ceremonial office on the 1st floor, up two flights of stairs to the House chamber forcing the governor to walk through a guantlet of Iowans chanting “Put People First” both before and after his speech.

Watch the results of Branstad's lock out that the media didn't catch here:

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Jan. 10 Call-in Day

Today, hundreds of CCI Action members and union allies are descending upon the Statehouse to make their voices heard at our Rally and Lobby Day.

Can't be there in person? You can help send a strong message to legislators by being a part of our Legislative Call-in Day.

Help amplify our message by taking just five minutes to make two important calls today:

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Move in day at the Statehouse

Today is the official start of the legislative session. The day when legislators and the big-moneyed lobbyists are moving into the Statehouse.

But this year is different -- we're moving in, too!

Read more to see photos from our move-in day.

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Our 2012 Legislative Agenda

Our legislative agenda is reflective of the key issues and concerns that are facing our members and every day Iowans throughout the state. This is an agenda that puts people before profits, people before politics and people before polluters and that puts our communities before corporations.

We are pushing for these common sense policies on factory farms and environment, wage theft, payday lending and corporate tax loophole issues.

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Caucuses are over, time to focus on the Statehouse

The Iowa Caucus season is over, and now that the corporate GOP candidates have left for New Hampshire, it's time to pivot our focus to state politics and the 2012 legislative session.

Nearly 250 CCI members just like you from across the state have already RSVPed to attend our "Occupy the Statehouse/State of the 99 percent" rally and lobby day next Tuesday, January 10. And, we know we'll be joined by some of our allies in the organized labor movement.

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Op-ed: Iowans can fight for economic justice Jan. 3rd

Everyday Iowans have an opportunity to address these pressing problems and advance a populist agenda for economic justice and democracy at the Iowa Caucuses January 3rd.

Since the national spotlight is on us, we are uniquely positioned to drive home – in a big way – a vision of good government that puts communities before corporations and people before profits.

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Remind the presidential candidates who they work for

Can you join us this Thursday, Dec. 15, to remind the presidential candidates they must listen to us, the 99%, and not the big-monied 1%?

The GOP Presidential candidates will be back in Iowa this Thursday as they gather in Sioux City for yet another debate. We can expect more of the same pro-corporate, small-government rhetoric.

Before they step in front of the cameras and national airwaves Thursday night, we will take our “People First” message to the campaign offices of Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney here in Des Moines that morning.

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La carrera para sheriff de Polk County recibe atención necesaria

“Esta elección tendrá serias consecuencias.” Rekha Basu del Des Moines Register tiene razón. Esta carrera definirá si Polk County permanecerá como un lugar relativamente inclusivo en donde las autoridades protegen y sirven a la comunidad o si se va a convertir en un lugar hostil en donde las autoridades estén enfocadas en dividir a los grupos de la comunidad, especialmente a los Latinos. Esto tendría un costo grave para la seguridad pública de todos los residentes de Polk County. Te animamos a que leas este artículo por Rekha Basu y compártelo con tus amigos y familiares a través de email y Facebook Columnista Rekha Basu: No necesitamos a un sheriff con agenda política Publicado en inglés en el Des Moines Register  — 3 de octubre de 2012 (Traducción de Vanessa Marcano, organizadora de Iowa CCI Acción)  (Read in English here.) Los votantes que fueron al debate de Sheriffs del condado Polk el pasado lunes, para aprender más sobre las elecciones,...

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Elecciones locales y palabras tóxicas

La carrera para sheriff de Polk County se está calentando Charleston ha llevado su verborrea al extremo absurdo. En Agosto, miembros de Iowa CCI condujeron una entrevista contundente en La Reyna con candidato a sheriff Dan Charleston. Dan Charleston anuncio que sus prioridades serian imponer leyes de inmigración federales al nivel estatal, y apoyar a la ley “Stand Your Ground”, la cual daría el permiso a cualquier persona que se siente amenazada por otro individuo a disparar a muerte a esa persona. Las apuestas se elevaron en un foro controversial entre Sheriff Bill McCarthy y candidato a sheriff Dan Charleston este pasado 1 de octubre. El análisis “No necesitamos un Sheriff con agenda política” por parte de la periodista Rekha Basu atrajo atención necesaria a esta carrera. En el periódico Des Moines Register de hoy, miembra de CCI Acción Nataly Espinoza escribió “No necesitamos a un Sheriff que esté buscando cualquier oportunidad para encarcelar a la gente de...

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