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[Update] Why is Sen. McCoy standing in way of payday lending bill?

Last Wednesday, in a sit down meeting with a small group of CCI members, Senate Commerce Committee chair Sen. Matt McCoy (D-Des Moines) state he has no intention in considering a bill to cap interest rates for payday loans at 36%.

There is bi-partisan support on the Senate Commerce Committee to pass Senate File 388. Join other CCI members today and tell McCoy that it's time to crackdown on payday lending in Iowa. Allow this bill to be voted on in committee.

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Legislators intent on bad “Ag Gag” bill

Legislators - both Democrats and Republicans alike - are intent on passing the "Ag gag" bill. As currently written, House File 589 would make it a felony (yes, a felony) to videotape or photograph in or around factory farms.

This bill is a blatant attempt to silence citizen's voices and stifle free speech. And, as many of you have said - a solution in search of a problem. It also appears as pure catering to corporate ag. At a time when there are so many critical issues on the table, it's frustrating to learn so much time is being spent on this bad bill.

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The good and the bad: legislation we’re tracking

We want legislators to pass bills that put people first before polluters, politics and profits. That's why our staff and supporters monitor bills at the Iowa Statehouse – both good and bad – to let you know when your call or email can have the biggest impact possible.

Here is the list of good and bad bills we'll be tracking this session.

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I believe that we will win

I. I believe. I believe that. I believe that we. I believe that we will. I believe that we will win. I believe that we will win! I believe that we will win!

This is our favorite new chant. And, we were excited to use it with nearly 500 of our closest CCI, union and occupy friends at the door of Gov. Terry Branstad's office at the Statehouse yesterday. Watch the video here:

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Top 15 photos from rally day

It was hard to choose - but we narrowed it down to the top 15 photos we think best represent our big "State of the 99%" rally and lobby day at the Statehouse Jan. 10.

Take a look and see the power of hundreds standing up and standing together for the Iowa you want to see.

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500 protest Branstad’s corporate agenda

Nearly 500 everyday people - CCI Action members, members of Iowa's largest unions, and occupiers - gathered in the State Capitol today to demand state government put the common good before corporate greed.

So many highlights, but here we try to list our favorites.

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VIDEO: Branstad walks “People’s Hallway”

After being locked out of the galleries for Governor Branstad's "State of the State" address, hundreds lined both sides of the hallway all the way from Branstad’s ceremonial office on the 1st floor, up two flights of stairs to the House chamber forcing the governor to walk through a guantlet of Iowans chanting “Put People First” both before and after his speech.

Watch the results of Branstad's lock out that the media didn't catch here:

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Jan. 10 Call-in Day

Today, hundreds of CCI Action members and union allies are descending upon the Statehouse to make their voices heard at our Rally and Lobby Day.

Can't be there in person? You can help send a strong message to legislators by being a part of our Legislative Call-in Day.

Help amplify our message by taking just five minutes to make two important calls today:

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Move in day at the Statehouse

Today is the official start of the legislative session. The day when legislators and the big-moneyed lobbyists are moving into the Statehouse.

But this year is different -- we're moving in, too!

Read more to see photos from our move-in day.

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Our 2012 Legislative Agenda

Our legislative agenda is reflective of the key issues and concerns that are facing our members and every day Iowans throughout the state. This is an agenda that puts people before profits, people before politics and people before polluters and that puts our communities before corporations.

We are pushing for these common sense policies on factory farms and environment, wage theft, payday lending and corporate tax loophole issues.

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