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Senate Dems sell Iowa out to factory farm lobby

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Two bad factory farm de-regulation bills on today’s Senate debate calendar.

Corporate Democrats Joe Seng (Davenport) and Jack Kibbie (Emmetsburg) have pushed two bad factory farm bills - Ag Gag and Sow Counting Loopholes (to a debate on the floor today of the Iowa Senate that give away special treatment to big-moneyed corporate ag interest groups like the Iowa Pork Producers and the Iowa Farm Bureau at the expense of everyday people and the environment.

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Op-ed: Bold action needed to hold big banks accountable

The following editorial by Iowa CCI Action Fund Director Hugh Espey appeared in the 2/17/2012 Des Moines Register: Fourteen months ago, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement members and our allies from National People’s Action and the New Bottom Line campaign met with Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller in Des Moines to discuss the national foreclosure investigation that he was leading. Miller vowed to pursue a fundamental transformation of the mortgage servicing industry. He spoke like a people’s champion, like someone who would “knock it out of the ballpark” and bring the banks to justice. But after he announced the details of his settlement with the banks last week, we felt Miller had struck out. A few reasons why: 11 million homeowners owe roughly $700 billion more on their mortgages than their homes are worth. Miller’s settlement carves out just $17 billion in principal relief for these homeowners. At best, this will reach one-tenth of them. Homeowners who were victims...

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Is Sen. Kibbie carving out factory farm loopholes?

Iowa CCI Action members are blasting Sen. Jack Kibbie (D- Emmetsburg) for pushing Senate File 2022 a bill that carves out a loophole in factory farm permitting and manure management laws. The bill passed out of Senate Agriculture Committee Thursday on a unanimous vote (13-0) and is now eligible for floor debate.

Call your Senator today and tell Vote NO on SF 2022. This bill could open the door for all kinds of loopholes and sets a bad precedent.

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Iowa Workforce Opportunities Act introduced

Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad introduced Iowa's very own DREAM Act - named the Iowa Workforce Opportunities Act (IOWA Act).

Labeled House File 2192, the bill would allow all Iowa high school students, regardless of immigration status, qualify for in-state tuition. Here's how it works and why we support the IOWA Act.

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HF 2156 Opens the Door for Racial Profiling in Iowa

Members spoke out against the latest anti-immigrant bill introduced in the Iowa House of Representatives. House File 2156 follows the lead of failed policies from Arizona and Alabama, targeting immigrants and imposing bureaucratic burdens on businesses, local law enforcement and Iowa taxpayers.

We are working in a coalition of faith groups, human rights groups, and others to stop Arizona-like anti-immigrant bills. "We don't want to be like Arizona."

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Debunking McCoy’s payday lending excuse

Responding to dozens of CCI members urging him to move this bill, McCoy stated that he's worked about payday loans obtained online. And, until they are address he won't move on a state interest rate cap.

Luckily for him our bill addresses that! We checked with the Iowa Attorney General’s office and our friends at the Center for Responsible Lending and, in fact, our bill already addresses much of this problem for two simple reasons...

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Voter ID rears its ugly head again!

Did you know - you are more likely to be struck by lightning than to have your vote canceled out by voter fraud?

Secretary of State Matt Schultz wants to pass Voter ID, but it doesn't have a lot of support amongst Iowans. Find out more!

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Wage theft bill introduced

We're happy to report that our wage theft protection bill was introduced in the Iowa House of Representatives last week.

Wage theft and worker misclassification are rampant problems for workers in Iowa and across the country. According to a national study, over $16 billion dollars in unpaid wages are stolen from employees every year by employers who don’t pay minimum wage, don’t pay overtime, make illegal deductions, force workers to work off the clock, or don’t even pay at all.

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Find a legislative coffee in your area

Most weekends, you can find an opportunity to engage your legislators at a local legislative forum - often called legislative coffees, or in some places 'cracker barrels'. These are great opportunities to talk with your legislator face to face, raise issues important to you and call on them to stand on the side of the people.

Check your local paper to see when there is a legislative coffee or other event in your area. Or follow the links we have listed for you here.

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[Update] Iowa Senate votes on bad “Ag gag” bill

<< If HF 589 passes, the neighbor who took this photo could be a criminal.

Legislators are poised to vote today on the bad corporate "Ag Gag" bill, HF 589 very soon.. We think this bill should be DOA. "Ag gag" is an attempt by the factory farm industry to criminalize basic watchdog functions that everyday folks have to hold factory farms accountable for violations they commit. Please 'read more' to take action today! (1/25/12)

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