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LTE: Bedell is voice of reason on debt, taxes

" Now comes a voice of reason in the wilderness, former Congressman Berkley Bedell. He makes a strong argument that “Revenue Matters” in his book by the same name.

In it he says: “Show me a business that ignores revenue and focuses only on cutting costs, and I will show you a business that is headed for failure. Show me a government that ignores revenue and focuses only on cutting costs, and I will show you a government that is a failure.”"

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LTE: Everyone, including wealthy, corporations, should pay fair share

"Every year we grumble about having to file taxes. But despite that, I know those taxes keep the roads I drive on safe, the water my kids drink free of pollution, and they protect my community and my country.Families just like mine pay our fair share because we take pride in the work we do and value our community.

It’s time that millionaires and corporations (like General Electric, which paid zero percent in corporate taxes last year,) pay their fair share on tax day, too."

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LTE: Run farm programs like a business, not welfare program

HIgh five to Cedar Rapids-area member on this great letter to the editor.

It's clear and simple, shows the truth about and connections between corporations, corporate-run commodity groups, and corporate-funded politicians. And calls for common-sense solutions (solutions that corporate ag doesn't want you to think actually work, though they have a history of working well).

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Latham, King cast vote for Ryan budget and the 1%

Press release calling out Iowa Congressmen Latham and King for voting on the Ryan budget.

The Ryan budget would cut taxes by about $4.3 trillion over the next 10 years, with the majority going to corporations and those who make more than $200,000 a year. To finance this, the plan slashes essential programs like WIC, Medicaid, Pell Grants and housing vouchers.

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New report slams Branstad tax plan

Corporate property tax cuts could lead to budget cuts, job losses, and greater income inequality, new report states.

Closing corporate tax loopholes and making the richest 1% of Iowans pay their fair share of taxes is key to economic growth and prosperity that puts the 99% of everyday people first. Read the Iowa specific facts and recommendations.

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Take action for the rights of all Iowans

Iowa's anti-immigrant bill passed the House Judiciary Committee last week and will likely be debated in the full House of Representatives in the next week. Iowa's legislators need to hear loud and clear that Iowans want an Iowa that respect the rights of all people. It's time to take action!

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Register calls out “Ag Gag” in two great articles.

The Des Moines Register ran two great articles today calling out the "Ag Gag" bill that now goes to Gov. Branstad's desk for what it is: a total industry power grab.

On the front page Jason Clayworth explores the constitutionality of the bill in "Ag gag bill may gag free speech, say legal scholars". And the editorial board chimes in the the excellent "Livestock 'fraud' bill disappointing. How can it be a crime to tell the truth?" Call the Governor today!

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Senate Dems sell Iowa out to factory farm lobby

URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Two bad factory farm de-regulation bills on today’s Senate debate calendar.

Corporate Democrats Joe Seng (Davenport) and Jack Kibbie (Emmetsburg) have pushed two bad factory farm bills - Ag Gag and Sow Counting Loopholes (to a debate on the floor today of the Iowa Senate that give away special treatment to big-moneyed corporate ag interest groups like the Iowa Pork Producers and the Iowa Farm Bureau at the expense of everyday people and the environment.

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Op-ed: Bold action needed to hold big banks accountable

The following editorial by Iowa CCI Action Fund Director Hugh Espey appeared in the 2/17/2012 Des Moines Register: Fourteen months ago, Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement members and our allies from National People’s Action and the New Bottom Line campaign met with Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller in Des Moines to discuss the national foreclosure investigation that he was leading. Miller vowed to pursue a fundamental transformation of the mortgage servicing industry. He spoke like a people’s champion, like someone who would “knock it out of the ballpark” and bring the banks to justice. But after he announced the details of his settlement with the banks last week, we felt Miller had struck out. A few reasons why: 11 million homeowners owe roughly $700 billion more on their mortgages than their homes are worth. Miller’s settlement carves out just $17 billion in principal relief for these homeowners. At best, this will reach one-tenth of them. Homeowners who were victims...

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Is Sen. Kibbie carving out factory farm loopholes?

Iowa CCI Action members are blasting Sen. Jack Kibbie (D- Emmetsburg) for pushing Senate File 2022 a bill that carves out a loophole in factory farm permitting and manure management laws. The bill passed out of Senate Agriculture Committee Thursday on a unanimous vote (13-0) and is now eligible for floor debate.

Call your Senator today and tell Vote NO on SF 2022. This bill could open the door for all kinds of loopholes and sets a bad precedent.

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