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Ryan’s policies aren’t “Iowa nice” publishes op-ed by CCI Action Fund Member Cherie Mortice, a retired public school teacher from Des Moines and an Iowa CCI Action Fund leader.

In it she explains why her and two dozen other CCI Action Fund members confronted the new GOP vice-presidential candidate at the Iowa State Fair this week.

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Three questions to ask at the State Fair soapbox

The Iowa State Fair is here - and so returns the Des Moines Register's Soap Box. They've released the tentative schedule and all Iowa Congressional delegates and their challengers are slated to appear.

Be there to push them on issues you care about. Here are two questions to ask:

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Members challenge Paul Ryan at State Fair soapbox

Today at the Iowa State Fair, where Mitt Romney famously uttered "Corporations are people, my friend," last year under fire from CCI members, CCI Action Fund members challenged Romney's running mate Paul Ryan at a candidate soapbox.

Ryan, in his first solo appearance as vice-presidential candidate, was confronted with a series of tough questions about his plans to balance the federal budget on the backs of middle and lower class Americans - questions he chose to ignore rather than address.

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Romney/Ryan want to destroy social contract

“Paul Ryan’s budget plan is not good for folks like me,”says Barb Kalbach, a working nurse and fourth-generation family farmer from Adair County

The future of America’s tax code and the social contract between government and everyday people is now at the very center of the presidential election debate after GOP candidate Mitt Romney named Wisconsin representative Paul Ryan as his vice presidential nominee.

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One year ago today…#corporationsarepeople

One year has passed, but that quote follows Mitt Romney around like a stray dog wherever he goes.

I do a quiet cheer every time I see it. Why?

Well, for all the obvious reasons, but also because it's the best example of how much "bird-dogging", what we call it, can accomplish.

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Storytime with Leonard Boswell

CCI Action members met with Congressman Boswell on August 6 in Greenfield. Find out what he said (or didn't say) and upcoming opportunities you have to bird-dog the candidates on the campaign trail.

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End Bush tax cuts for richest 2%

Congress will soon decide whether the rich should pay their fair share or if we should continue trying to cut our way to prosperity.

Tell your US Representative to end the Bush era tax cuts for the richest 2%!

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Berkley Bedell: Taxing according to ability to pay could revitalize the nation

In 1936, when I was 15 years old, I started making fishing tackle in my home with $50 saved from my newspaper delivery route. When my son, Tom, sold the business a few years ago, it was by far the largest, most successful fishing tackle manufacturing business in the nation.

That business was successful primarily because we recognized a basic rule of business and for almost every organization. It is: Revenue matters.

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Play-by-play of the House District 36 candidate forum

Before they cast their primary vote June 5, CCI Action members wanted to find out where three Democratic candidates running for the open House seat stand on key Iowa CCI Action issues.

The goal was to get to know the candidates and find another CCI champion like outgoing representative Janet Peterson. We need more Iowa CCI Action champion in the Statehouse!

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NEW POLL: Iowans say no cuts, tax corporations!

A new poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) from April 24-26 and released by Iowa CCI Action Fund, has found that 63 percent of Iowans oppose spending cuts to balance the budget, particularly to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. 59 percent support balancing the budget by letting the Bush-era tax cuts expire, while 63% said corporations do not pay their fair share of taxes.

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