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This is why elections matter

Today’s Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) meeting is an important example of why elections matter. Today the commission - stacked most recently by Governor Branstad’s factory farm appointees – voted not to enact a long overdue ban on applying liquid [read factory farm] manure to soybean ground.

Without a doubt, whoever is elected to the statehouse Nov. 6 will have a say in the role of public oversight of factory farms.

Do you know where your statehouse candidates stand on this issue?

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CCI Action Fund members talk Latino issues with Polk Co. Sheriff

CCI Action Fund members held a candidate briefing with Polk County Sheriff Bill McCarthy, where they discussed the role of Latino immigrants in the county, controversial statements from candidate Dan Charleston, and the Sheriff’s long term vision for a rapidly diversifying county.

Dan Charleston declined to meet with us, though members interviewed him on Latino radio recently.

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Paul Ryan’s budget bankrolls itself

A new report shows the industries that stand to gain the most from Paul Ryan's budget just so happened to contribute more to the Representatives who voted in favor of his radical budget.

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Obama must right ship on housing, Social Security

Immediately following a meeting on foreclosures and housing policy with Iowa Assistant Attorney General Patrick Madigan today, Iowa CCI Action members delivered a similar message to Obama's campaign offices in Des Moines.

Read the blog post an Obama volunteer wrote after our stop.

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Big Bird visits Romney’s rural event

Big Bird and his Sesame Street friends paid a visit to GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his corporate agenda at a campaign stop in Van Meter, Iowa Tuesday morning.
,br> “Big Bird and Sesame Street didn’t cause the economic crisis and financial meltdown, the big banks on Wall Street did,” said Jessica Reznicek, a CCI Action Fund member originally from Perry, Iowa. “This protest was brought to you by the letters C and R. R is for revenue and C is for closing corporate tax loopholes, not cutting more programs like Sesame Street.”

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Iowa CCI Action welcomes Big Bird and friends to Iowa

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund (CCI Action) has flown Big Bird and friends from Sesame Street into Main Street Iowa this week for presidential candidate Mitt Romney's appearance in Iowa.

Follow along throughout the evening and tomorrow from the Iowa CCI Action Fund twitter handle, @iowacciaction or facebook/cciaction.

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Cedar Rapids Gazette urges action on payday loans

The Cedar Rapids Gazette editorial board nails it - cities are left to do what they can to curb abusive payday lenders without action from the Iowa legislature. It's time for them to step up and do the right thing.

The piece references Iowa CCI members work to enact local payday loan ordinances, include the one they just helped pass in Iowa City.

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LTE: Sheriff candidate’s extreme talk won’t stand in Iowa

Great letter from CCI member Nataly Espinosa, a proud immigrant and mother of three, in response to a recent Des Moines Register column.

We will conquer this ugliness. I trust my community will stand for the American values of tolerance and democracy in Polk County and in our United States.

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The #1 issue absent from Presidential debate

To have a debate on domestic policy without ever mentioning the ongoing housing crisis is an incomplete debate. Americans deserve better from those seeking the highest office.

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Why those who say Obama lost debate are wrong

The problem with saying Mitt Romeny was the clear winner favors the spectacle and ignores the most important reason why the first Obama/Romney debate was actually significant - because it solidified the key issues of this election, most of which favor Obama and the Democratic Party.

Debate, however, unfortunately, was marked by moments of bipartisanship of the worst kind.

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