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Protesters Picket Latham Home

More than forty Iowa CCI Action Fund members protested outside the Clive home of Iowa Representative Tom Latham Saturday to demand a good budget deal that raises new revenue from the super-rich and big corporations rather than a bad deal that relies on spending cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other vital public programs.

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Schultz must clarify election rules to protect voting rights

At least three registered voters were temporarily turned away from an urban precinct in Des Moines Tuesday because they did not have photo identification.

New election rules issued by Schultz’s office after Voter ID legislation stalled at the statehouse have been criticized as confusing because they state that poll workers may ask voters to show ID.

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Branstad’s deceptively false choice

Governor says handouts to fertilizer plants wouldn’t be necessary if Iowa had lower tax rates, but he’s talking about giving away public money to subsidize corporate profits either way.

"Whether handouts disguised as ‘economic incentives’ or more tax cuts for corporations, either way Branstad is spending public dollars - our dollars - to subsidize corporate profits."

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The Budget Showdown, Congress and You

There's a showdown brewing right after the November 6 elections, and there’s a lot at stake for everyday folks across the country.

Will our elected officials return to work for We the People or Big Corporations?

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Our View: Factory farms remain hot button issue in rural communities

For too long, politicians have espoused populist rhetoric during the campaign, only to fall flat once they're elected. .

Nov. 6th is just the beginning. They can expect to see CCI Action Fund members out in force at the state capitol on January 15 – and throughout the 2013 legislative session.

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Our View: Charleston stirs up controversy in Polk Co Sheriff’s race

You usually don’t think of a county sheriff’s race as being too controversial. Except this year.

The race in Polk County between Sheriff Bill McCarthy and his challenger Dan Charleston has garnered a fair amount of attention recently, and caused some real controversy. And from our vantage point, the controversy is being generated by Charleston, who’s running as a “constitutional sheriff”.

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Medicare ad hit IA03, IA04 airwaves

Iowa GOP Reps.Steve King and Tom Latham champion privatizing Social Security and turning Medicare into a voucher, plans that jeopardize the prospect of a secure retirement for millions of Iowa residents.

A radio ad airing today calls on Iowans to tell King and Latham to protect Social Security and Medicare.

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60% of Iowans want stronger factory farm regs

Sixty percent of Iowans say “we need stronger laws to stop factory farms from polluting our air and water,” according to a September 27-29 telephone poll of 572 active Iowa voters conducted by Public Policy Polling.

The new polling results were released by Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund (CCI Action) members one day before the 40th anniversary of the landmark Clean Water Act legislation on October 18.

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This is why elections matter

Today’s Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) meeting is an important example of why elections matter. Today the commission - stacked most recently by Governor Branstad’s factory farm appointees – voted not to enact a long overdue ban on applying liquid [read factory farm] manure to soybean ground.

Without a doubt, whoever is elected to the statehouse Nov. 6 will have a say in the role of public oversight of factory farms.

Do you know where your statehouse candidates stand on this issue?

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CCI Action Fund members talk Latino issues with Polk Co. Sheriff

CCI Action Fund members held a candidate briefing with Polk County Sheriff Bill McCarthy, where they discussed the role of Latino immigrants in the county, controversial statements from candidate Dan Charleston, and the Sheriff’s long term vision for a rapidly diversifying county.

Dan Charleston declined to meet with us, though members interviewed him on Latino radio recently.

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