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First bad factory farm bill of 2013 introduced…by the DNR!

Only one week into the 2013 legislative session and the first bad factory farm bill has been introduced, Senate Study Bill 1005. SSB 1005, requested by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) eliminates public notice in newspapers for Clean Water Act permits (NPDES), and also requires the DNR - which is severely understaffed - to respond to certain permit applications within 90 days or the permit is automatically approved.

Iowa needs stronger permitting standards and local control - not a system where the people are shut out.

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CCI members pack Carroll environmental hearing

Iowa CCI Action Fund members in Western Iowa attended an environmental hearing in Carroll Jan. 17 to push the Iowa legislature stand up for clean air and water and crack down on factory farm polluters.

The environmental listening Post" was organized by Senate Natural Resources Committee Chair Dick Dearden (D-Des Moines) and Representative Chuck Isenhart (D-Dubuque), ranking member of House Environmental Protections committee.

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Expand Medicaid to cover more Iowans

Medicaid is the state's second largest payer health care payer. Medicaid provides much needed health insurance to the nation's most vulnerable, and over the years has been expanded to cover the mentally and physically disabled, as well as some children and pregnant mothers.

Now is the time to expand Medicaid to cover even more Iowans.

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Hundreds protest corporate Branstad agenda

Three hundred family farmers, retired teachers, students, organized workers, and everyday people from all walks of life mobilized to provide the needed counterweight to the corporate agenda Gov. Branstad laid out in his "Condition of the State" address.

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Jan. 15 Schedule for the Day

Money Out, People In – Kickoff at the Capitol January 15, 2013   8:30 am                “People’s Iowa” Wall, Social Time & Individual Lobbying– First Floor Rotunda Re-connect with old friends, meet new ones and get up to speed on our issues.  Add your message to our “People’s Iowa” Wall.   9:30 am                Welcome, Overview of Day & Call to Action   9:45 am                The People’s Hallway We will line key hallways to spread our message and make our presence known as Governor Branstad makes his way to the House chamber.   10:00 am              The Governor’s “Condition of the State” Speech – House Chamber   11:00 am              “Money Out, People In” Rally – First Floor Rotunda Together we’ll respond directly to Governor Branstad’s pro-corporate agenda with our own address that calls on Iowa’s elected officials to stand with...

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Improving our elections, “Money out/People in”

Iowans shouldn't have to wonder who their elected officials listen to more - everyday people or big contributors. Big money and special interest campaign contributions unduly influence our state’s election process and legislative policies. And, add to that, this year, Iowa is facing a slate of bad bills that aim to disenfranchise voter from the process.

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Opportunity for all Iowans, regardless of status

Immigrants in Iowa are part of our communities; they attend school, open businesses, work, and raise families. Recent positive immigration reform efforts are set to make it possible for young immigrants to stay in the country legally. But now our state has two choices - to lift barriers that make it possible for them to contribute or deny them the dignity of fully participating in our society (like denying drivers licenses).

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Increased penalties for wage theft, increase funding for Workforce Development

When unscrupulous employers take advantage of vulnerable workers and don’t pay minimum wage, overtime, and sometimes not even at all it has far reaching effects. Wage theft costs thousands of low-wage Iowa workers $600 million a year and keeps $60 million in annual tax revenue out of state coffers. Combating wage theft makes sense for Iowa’s workers, businesses, our local economies and our state budget.

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With 628 impaired waters, now’s the time for legislature to address factory farm impacts

For years, Iowans have demanded that the legislature pass policies that protect our communities from the devastating effects of factory farms. With 628 waterways on the DNR’s polluted waters list, over 800 documented manure spills since 1995 – our air, water, and rural quality of life are under attack. We need strong protection for our air and water from factory farm pollution and an agricultural economy that works for everyone.

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A statewide fix for payday lending

Our legislature acted in 2007 to cap the interest rates on car title loans that were devastating families. This issue is no different. Since then, five Iowa communities (Des Moines, Ames, Iowa City, West Des Moines, and Clive) have shown that something needs to be done by passing ordinances limiting these predatory businesses. The legislature should follow suit, cap the interest rates on payday loans, and break the cycle of debt caused by these toxic products. Iowa families deserve no less.

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