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CCI Action gets last word at Medicaid public hearing

The House of Representatives held a public hearing on Medicaid expansion April 16 where more than half the public wasn't even allowed to speak.

Thankfully CCI Action got the last word and spoke to the real, immediate need to expand Medicaid today!

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Iowa Senate agrees, Regents should serve common good

Craig Lang's reappointment to the Board of Regents by Governor Terry Branstad was blocked by the Iowa Senate; Lang was unable to garner support of the needed 2/3rd majority to win reappointment. On April 17th, the Regents Transparency Task Force met; CCI members were there to deliver the message - get corporate influence out of our public universities!

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Bill could fund more wage theft investigators in Iowa

After the second legislative funnel, there are some good bills that die and some that stay alive, keeping our legislative priorities at the forefront. One such bill is Senate File 430, which is an appropriations bill that would give funding to hire two more full-time wage claim investigators in Iowa. CCI Action Fund members are excited about SF 430 because one of our biggest legislative priorities has been cracking down on wage theft in Iowa. We pushed for anti wage theft bills House File 38 and Senate File 191, which unfortunately did not survive the funnel. But we had also pushed hard for more resources to hire more wage investigators in Iowa, and a section of SF 430 does just that. A section of SF 430 would allocate enough funds for Iowa Workforce Development to hire two more full-time wage claim investigators. This would mean a lot in matters of wage and labor law enforcement, because right now, Iowa only has one wage claim investigator. With additional staff at Iowa Workforce...

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CCI Action’s 2nd Funnel Legislative Update

Check out CCI Action's second funnel legislative agenda. We'll continue to work hard to communities before corporations, and people before profits, politics, and polluters at the Statehouse.

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Medicaid Showdown Looms Large

As we all knew, there's a showdown brewing in the legislature over how to best provide much needed health insurance to more Iowans.

There are two competing visions - Medicaid expansion or Branstad's Healthy Iowa plan that is anything but. The choice couldn't be clearer

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The fight to curb corporate control inside the Iowa Board of Regents continues

A tough proposal to crack down on corporate corruption inside the Iowa Board of Regents passed the Iowa Senate on a 49-1 vote on April 2, but is now no longer eligible for legislative debate this session after House State Government committee chair Guy Vander Linden (R-Oskaloosa) refused to move the bill through his committee by the April 5 deadline.

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CCI – 1, Corporate Ag – 0

A victory! We've beat the bad factory farm manure loophole legislation for the 2013 legislative session.

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Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal Must Block Floor Debate on Bad Factory Farm De-Regulation Bill

Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal (D-Council Bluffs) has used the power of his office to block bad bills from being debated in the past, and Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (Iowa CCI) members call on him to block floor debate on a factory farm de-regulation bill that passed the Iowa House on April 1 83-16.

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Medicaid expansion moves to House, action needed

On Monday, March 26, the Iowa Senate passed Senate File 296 (Medicaid Expansion) through their chamber on a party line vote.

Now it's up to the House to do the right thing and move swiftly to provide much needed insurance to more Iowans, at little to no cost to the state.

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People Before Profits

During the 2015 legislative session, the CCI Action team will work hard to ensure people come before profits in Iowa.

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