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News Roundup: Branstad locks citizens out

We got some amazing statewide press last night and this morning after nearly 30 CCI leaders from across Iowa (including 2 from Cedar Rapids, 2 from Iowa City, 1 from Bloomfield in SE IA, 1 from Silver City in SW Iowa, 1 from Prescott, 2 from Grinnell, several from Ames, and over a dozen from Des Moines and Central Iowa) attended two economic development and budget hearings at the state capitol yesterday. Our message was simple: put people first – communities before corporations and people before profits. Branstad for one clearly didn’t want to hear it because he locked citizens out of his public budget hearing, which backfired because it drew more attention to Branstad’s corporate, anti-democratic agenda than if he had let the process work and the people speak. Branstad has some bad plans for Iowa, and Iowa CCI Action members are at the forefront of a grassroots, pro-justice, equality, and fairness citizen fightback. You are making a big impact on our march towards a more just...

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Branstad locks citizens out of public budget hearing

Dozens of everyday people were locked out of a legally mandated public budget hearing at the state capitol today and not given a chance to testify after Governor Branstad’s staff only allowed ten people into the Robert Ray conference room at a time, prioritized testimony from big-moneyed corporate interest groups over the testimony of everyday citizens, and ended the hearing after only 60 minutes.

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Iowa’s Budget Choice – Put People First

The state of Iowa is sitting on a nearly $1 billion budget surplus. Now our elected officials have a choice to make. Will they reinvest in valued state services that have suffered deep cuts – like education, environmental enforcement and protections, healthcare and a fair contract for state workers? Or, will give away the store to large corporations?

Tell Branstad to "Put People First!"

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A Put People First 2013 Legislative Agenda

The momentum is on their side to move their “put people first” policies during the 2013 legislative agenda.

2013 legislative agenda prioritizes combined corporate reporting, local control of factory farms, interest rate caps on payday loans, cracking down on wage theft, universal voter registration, and Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections.

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Dec. 12: Weigh in on Branstad’s “Orascam” giveaway and budget proposal

We’re calling it a “good government day of action” when we’ll attend - and more importantly, testify at - two high-profile budget hearings at the State Capitol.

December 12 is an incredible opportunity to have a big impact and to frame the budget/tax debate on our terms rather than Branstad’s.

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Thank you – One more step!

One more step!   Please check your email for a message from []. The subject line should list the title of the webinar for which you registered.  You may need to check your spam filter. This email will contain the webinar log-in and instructions that you need to join us.  You will also receive a reminder email the day before and the hour before the webinar’s start time with the same instructions. If you’ve not participated on a “Go to Webinar” with us before we strongly recommend you plan to log in 15-20 minutes before the start time as you may need to quickly download the system. Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesistate to contact us. Here are a few helpful slides to get you going (Click to...

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Join us for Taking on Branstad’s bad budget plan: the Truth about Iowa’s Budget and Tax Policy

Ready to help take on Branstad's bad budget plan and corporate agenda? Join us for this special webinar opportunity to learn how progressives in Iowa can go on offense to ensure we have a state budget that puts people before corporations.

Specials guests David Osterberg and Peter Fisher from the Iowa Policy Project.

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More DNR funding meaningless without corresponding reforms

Although Governor Branstad continues to remain silent on the subject of more funding for the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR), a consensus is beginning to emerge among Iowa's policymakers and administrators that a $1.3 million increase to hire more field staff will be necessary to stave off federal action by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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Join us: “Money out, People in!” Kick-off at the Capitol

Stand alongside hundreds of everyday Iowans from all across Iowa who (just like you) are ready to stand up and speak out to put our communities before corporations.On Jan. 15 Gov. Terry Branstad will deliver his “State of the State” address. We’ll be there – hundreds strong – to deliver our own “Money out. People in!” address.

Join us for this powerful, important and fun event.

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Our View: Time for Schultz to stand down on non-existent voter fraud

He’s on a politically motivated crusade to restrict voting for everyday people and hardworking families. His witch-hunt for non-existent voter fraud is taking Iowa in the wrong direction.

We need universal voter registration and big money out of politics, not more voter intimidation and suppression.

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