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Bernie Sanders to Keynote CCI Action Convention

The July 15th event will be the first time that Senator Sanders has returned to Iowa since the 2016 election.

In addition to his keynote speech, the convention will feature issue-focused organizing workshops, speeches from other movement leaders, and celebrations of CCI Action victories from the past year.

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Pollution trading bill: A false fix for water crisis

As Iowa’s water quality crisis continues to grow, the Iowa House Republicans and corporate ag are pushing through a cap-and-trade scheme, known as “pollution trading,” where corporations and cities with deep enough pockets can purchase the right to pollute.

Read more about the bill and how to take action.

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#ialegis immigration bill update

It's been a whirlwind of a month on the immigration front - both at the local and state level. Here's a quick update on legislation and the growing resistance.

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HF295 will pass, but here’s an idea…

Today, the Senate State Government committee passed HF295, the bad preemption bill that will lower the minimum wage for nearly 100,000 Iowans and gut local control on minimum wage and other employment matters.

Call your Senator - then give this a try, too...

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Three legislative public hearings in one day

Over 400 of you showed up to make your voices heard and hundreds more submitted comments online for yesterday's (3/6/17) public hearings on three bad bills. Read more and see the press coverage...

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Bills that DID NOT pass the legislative funnel

A list of bills - both good and bad - that did not survive the first legislative funnel.

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3.3.17 First funnel reportback

Republicans at the Statehouse are carrying water for big-moneyed corporate special interests at our expense. We’ve seen attacks on our water, our wages, and our healthcare. We’ve seen attacks on women, immigrants, and people of color.

The good news is that some of these attacks didn’t make it through the “first funnel,” which means they are no longer eligible for debate this year. We now have a clearer picture of the biggest threats that we’re facing.

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URGENT: 3 public hearings Monday, March 6

Three public hearings have been scheduled on big-deal, important issues that directly impact everyday Iowans – and we need you there to weigh in. These bills affect all of us – workers, voters and our environment.

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Secretary of State, Paul Pate and Iowa Republicans are set out to make voting harder for everyday Iowans. Here's why "Voter ID" is a bad idea.

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Reportback: Emergency Clean Water Meeting with Bill Stowe on HF 316

Nearly 170 people packed the CCI office to join the clean water fightback! Des Moines Water Works Director Bill Stowe and DMWW board members Graham Gillette and Mark Wallace gave us the low-down on what the legislature is attempting to do with two bad bills in the House and the Senate that would dismantle the DMWW and distribute $270 million of assets to surrounding customers.

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