Jan. 10 Call-in Day

The power is in your hand!


Today, hundreds of CCI Action members and union allies are descending upon the Statehouse to make their voices heard at our Rally and Lobby Day.

Can’t be there in person?  You can help send a strong message to legislators by being a part of our Legislative Call-in Day.


Help amplify our message by taking just five minutes to make two important calls today:


Step 1

Call the House and Senate Switchboards and ask to speak with your *Representative and Senator.

 House Switchboard: 515-281-3221

 Senate Switchboard: 515-281-3371

You can use the talking point below or share your own story…

Message: Say your name, where you’re from, then “As your constituent, I’m calling in support of those at the Statehouse today. Please support our “People First” agenda to put people before profits, politics and polluters and our communities before corporations.”


Step 2

We’re tracking our efforts. After you make your calls, let us know by contacting us at 515-282-0484, emailing a recap to cciaction @ cciaction.org or posting on our Facebook page.



*Not sure who your legislators are? Use our handy look up:


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