It’s #M4A May!

That’s right, we’re announcing “Medicare for All (M4A) May” here at CCI Action. I’m excited, and hope you’ll take action with us at some point (or several!) throughout the month.

Why May and why now? Well, next Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders is reintroducing Medicare for All in the U.S. Senate. And as we still deal with the lingering effects of a global pandemic, it’s never been more clear that the health of ourselves and loved ones is dependent upon the health of our neighbors, communities, and country.

So over the month of May we’re taking action to challenge the insurance and pharmaceutical industries and other corporate interests that profit from our current, broken healthcare system. We’re picking strategic fights to move us closer to Medicare for All.

You’ll hear more over the next several weeks of how you can plug in, but to kick us off, I hope you’ll be able to:

  • Join us for our Medicare for All town hall tomorrow (May 5) at 6pm. We’ll be joined by Sen. Sanders Chief of Staff Misty Rebik and People’s Action board member Michael Lighty to talk about the new M4A bill and actions we can take to fight for it here in Iowa.
  • Join us one week later on May 12 at 5:30pm¬†where we’ll partner with our allies at ONE Northside in Chicago about our Care over Cost campaign. We’ll talk about how we can overturn a health insurer’s refused treatment or payment for a treatment and put care over cost.
  • Sign our petition to put patients over profits. If roughly 70% of Americans want Medicare for All, why don’t we have it? Corporate campaign contributions. Sign our petition calling on candidates for elected office to refuse contributions from the for-profit healthcare industry

We’ve got a lot happening, and more to come so please stay tuned. There’s so much at stake, and momentum on our side.

Our health over corporate profits,

Jaime (he/him)
Healthcare for All Organizer

P.S. – You can also support our healthcare work by becoming a member of CCI Action!

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