It’s Endorsement Week!

Our vision of changing business-as-usual politics starts and stops with people and our planet. Elections are a means to win action on issues that impact our lives. That’s what we mean when we say movement politics – we’re bringing real people, our stories and issues, and our solutions into the center of our political system.

That’s why we’re excited to announce “endorsement week” here at CCI Action! Over the next three days, we will unveil CCI Action’s endorsements in key races across the state for the June 7 primary.



CCI Action’s Phone Bank shifts leading up to the June 7th Primary will be held over zoom on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5pm-8pm. We’ll reach out to thousands of everyday Iowans to impact this race and our other endorsed movement candidates (more announcements this week!). You will need a phone, internet, and a computer or ipad to make these calls. Should you have trouble with any of these items, feel free to reach out and we will make sure you’re set up!

These calls make a difference and help us connect more Iowans to our work to win big change. 

To challenge the “business-as-usual” political and economic establishment, we need candidates who are with us and our movement. We’ve seen too many elected officials on the defensive. Our endorsed candidates are fighters and, when elected, will push for the real solutions with us on our issue organizing campaigns.

When we endorse candidates, they are joining WITH us in our fight to put people and planet first. We endorse them because these things are true about them:

  • They are with us on the issues – they agree on what needs to be done, how to do it, and take our issues and move them forward,
  • They believe in our theory of change and co-governance – that real change comes from the ground up and real democratic power rests with the people,
  • They excite us – they add energy to our movement and are committed to grassroots organizations and building true people-power, and
  • They have a plan to win – they know how to run a robust campaign that gets voters excited, mobilizes them, and turns them out on election day

It’s time for bold change – at the statehouse, in county courthouses, and in Washington, D.C. We’re excited to put our feet in the street and phones to our ears to get out the vote for these People and Planet First champions.

Are you excited? We are.

Stay tuned to your email inbox and our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels over the coming days to learn which candidates our member-led endorsement team chose to support in key primary races.

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