Immigrant attack bill comes to Iowa


First they came for Muslims and I did not speak out because I was not a Muslim. Then they came for the undocumented immigrants…  



Right now, there is a bill at the Iowa Statehouse that would grease the wheels for Trump’s attacks on immigrants in our communities.  

HF 265 (formerly HSB 67) – what we’re calling the “You’re Not Welcome Here” bill – aims to punish local law enforcement, public officials, and colleges taking a strong stance to support the rights and safety of all people. In particular, this bill targets DREAMers (DACA recipients – young immigrants) and immigrant families.

This priority committee bill aims to eliminate any possible resistance to Trump’s campaign promise to deport thousands from our community.

We won’t stand by and let this happen!

Today, nearly 100 packed the House Public Safety Committee meeting to show opposition to this bill. The bill passed on a party line vote and it now moves to the House floor.

Before this bill moves to the Senate, we want to deliver at least 1,000 signatures from all over the state to let legislators know Iowans – in cities and in the countryside – will not stand for fear and division. 

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This is only the beginning of attacks on immigrants in our community. After you sign, please share on social media. We need to build a strong network of Iowans ready to stand up and fight back. 


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