#ialegis immigration bill update

It’s been a whirlwind of a month on the immigration front – both at the local and state level. Here’s a quick update on legislation and the growing resistance.


HF 265 – the ‘You’re Not Welcome Here’ bill that we originally sounded the alarm on is dead. But Republicans have introduced an even worse anti-immigrant bill – SF 481. This bill takes the hateful rhetoric of HF 265 and beefs it up with concrete action steps. It:

  • Cuts funding for local or state entities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration agencies
  • Deputizes local law enforcement officers as temporary federal immigration agents – a measure several law enforcement agencies have rejected
  • Promotes the use of racial profiling
  • Encourages people to file complaints against public entities like universities or law enforcement agencies they think aren’t complying

SF 481 was introduced, passed through a subcommittee and full committee in less than 48 hours. It now goes to the Senate floor for debate. We’re watching the debate calendar. 

  • TAKE ACTION: Call Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix (R) and your own Senator at (515)281-3371 and tell them to kill this bill! Give us a ring and tell us about your conversation.
  • STAY TUNED! We’re monitoring the debate calendar. Watch your email inbox and our Facebook page for updates. We’ll let you know when your action can have the biggest impact!


Iowa CCI and other immigrant allies formed a statewide network to prepare immigrant communities for federal immigration raids as promised by the Trump administration. The primary focus of the La Resistencia Iowa is:

  • Tracking and monitoring federal immigration activity in Iowa
  • Conducting ‘Know Your Rights’ trainings
  • Establishing places of sanctuary across the state
  • Connecting affected families with legal and support services

La Resistencia operates a call-in hotline to monitor and respond to raid activity. We’ve tracked over two dozen ICE detainments in Iowa over the past few weeks and have been able to provide legal and community support for the families.

We know that if SF 481 is passed and federal immigration agencies continue to operate outside the law, as they have been, more Iowa families will be separated.

  • TAKE ACTION: Are you bilingual in English/Spanish? We need more folks to help monitor the 24 hour hotline.We’re also collecting items to support the families whose parent(s) are being detained in Iowa.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thanks for all that you do!

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