Halt the hate on the hill

Dangerous. Reckless. Horrific.

These were just some of the words used to describe Senate File 481 during Tuesday’s subcommittee.

The room was packed! And, over 20 people spoke out against the proposed bill that would force local police to act as ICE agents, ncluding immigrants, law enforcement, attorneys, pastors, and community leaders.

On the flip side: Republicans couldn’t even find ONE person to speak in favor of it.

But that didn’t stop Representatives Holt & Heartsill from ignoring passionate testimonies and factual evidence. They passed SF 481 2-1 onto the full House Public Safety committee.

We have the power to stop this bill! 

CLICK HERE to tell legislators to REJECT Senate File 481!

We’ve heard your report backs. Many legislators have concerns about this bill – they know it’s a slippery slope. We need to keep the pressure on!

Contact members of the House Public Safety committee TODAY! 

Here’s a few talking points to get you started:

  • This legislation is a direct threat to public safety. By forcing local law enforcement agencies to act as federal immigration agents, we’re taking away resources from stopping high-level or violent crimes.
  • Iowans overwhelmingly oppose this bill. In fact, there are 23 organizations registered against this bill, including the Iowa Police Chiefs’ Association, Iowa Sheriffs’ & Deputies’ Association, & Iowa League of Cities.
  • Immigrant families will have a target on their backs. SF 481 encourages law enforcement to question any individual that they suspect of being undocumented, forcing police to racially profile people based on their skin color or spoken language.

Together – we can stop SF 481. We won’t allow the hate to rip our communities apart.

For a better Iowa,

Madde Cano
Community Organizer

P.S. 2018 is going to be a very important year for the future of Iowa, and the nation. Join. Donate. Chip in here to help us make 2018 a People & Planet First movement building year.


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