Make calls to GOTV and beat fascism

This is a beautiful way to take action! Join a shift, be in community with other CCI Action members, and be part of the victory. Can you sign up for a shift (or two) today?

We’ll meet on Zoom. It’s a great chance to be in community with CCI Action members and impact the election. Together, we get trained on the script and the tools, and then we jump on the phones.

After we defeat Donald Trump and Joni Ernst, some groups and politicians are going to pack up and go home. Not us. We’ve been working to build a better Iowa for 45 years, and we’re going to keep working.

Sign up to make calls with us! Let’s win and build long-lasting political power here in Iowa for the changes we need.

P.S. Ready to get plugged into our work to defend democracy on election day and the days that follow? Sign our petition here!

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