Your legislative forum toolkit!

Going to a local legislative forum in your area? Great!

Legislative forums are an important space to raise issues you care about and to engage your legislator face-to-face. They are a space to quickly share your story and ask tough questions. And, they can often get good media coverage.

They’re also a great place to start conversations and connect with more like-minded Iowans.

Real change has always required lots of people in action. Right now, Iowans are looking for ways to show up and make a difference.  Show up to your local forum with a petition, ask folks to sign and get plugged in to the People & Planet movement here in Iowa.

Step 1: Find a legislative forum in your area.

Step 2: Pick out a toolkit below on one of these important issues playing out at the Statehouse and in communities across the state.

Step 3: Get ready to go.

Print out a petition: signatures help us put pressure on decision makers right now and help build a base of action takers in the future.

Print out a sign: It’ll help identify you as someone for people to talk to. And, you can hold it up so legislators see your message.

It’s also helpful to think about what you’ll say to start a conversation with people, why do you personally care about this issue, and why is a signature is helpful.

Step 4: The day of show up early to give yourself time to talk to folks, take a friend with you, then take a picture, tweet, or Facebook post. Tag @CCIAction #MarchtothePolls #ialegis

Step 5: Shoot us a line and let us know how it goes!

Let’s make 2018 a People & Planet First movement building year! Any questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a call 515-282-0484.

Legislative forum issue toolkits:

Pick an issue, print out your materials, and you’re ready to go!


You’ve made this an issue Gov. Reynolds and legislators from both parties cannot ignore. Countless stories of inadequate care, systematic denials of services, and a lack of affordable options show we must act now.

OUR TAKE: We need to get profits out of healthcare. We need to guarantee quality healthcare for all, and Gov. Reynolds and legislators can start us down that path single-handedly by un-privatizing our Medicaid!

Healthcare legislative forum toolkit:


State leaders are feeling the heat from Iowans over massive hog factory expansions and the record number of impaired waterways, closed beaches, and no-drink advisories.

But, they’ve got the solutions totally wrong. Instead of listening to affected people, they passed a water quality funding bill without teeth to crack down on the industry polluters.

OUR TAKE: Agri-business giants get the profits, we get the pollution. They need to pay their fair share of cleaning up Iowa’s water crisis. And, we need mandatory rules and regulations, paired with tough enforcement, to stop pollution where it starts and clean up our water.

Stop factory farms legislative forum toolkit: 


A few legislators, emboldened by the national political climate, are pushing an extreme agenda to grease the wheels for Trump’s vehement anti-immigrant measures. A bill that takes away local control of law enforcement – forcing them to act as federal immigration agents – is still in play.

OUR TAKE: We’ll work to stop any bill forcing our community police to work as immigration officers. It forces families to live in fear and threatens public safety.

Stand with immigrants legislative forum toolkit: 

Let’s make 2018 a People & Planet First movement building year!
Any questions? Don’t hesitate to give us a contact us.

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