Why is MidAmerican Energy “undecided”?

Today, a group of our members jumped on the phone for a call with MidAmerican Energy President and CEO Adam Wright.

Then a few of us visited his corporate office to re-enforce our message: MidAmerican needs to stop a terrible energy power grab bill from moving at the Statehouse!

Can you help keep the pressure on and send MidAmerican CEO Adam Wright a message today? Tell him to do the right thing and oppose this bill!

Senate File 2311 is an anti-people and anti-planet bill that would:

  • deregulate our monopoly energy utilities in Iowa
  • slash or eliminate popular and effective energy efficiency programs all across Iowa, and
  • kill rooftop and community solar in Iowa

This bill would hurt MidAmerican’s ratepayers and all ratepayers in the state of Iowa. And, it could move on the Senate floor any day.

CCI Action members deliver a letter to MidAmerican CEO Adam Wright in Des Moines on February 28, 2018

Why are we picking on MidAmerican? Because Iowa’s largest energy utility has registered as “undecided” on this bill. We think they’re being disingenuous.

Use our simple form to send a message to MidAmerican Energy’s CEO today to oppose Senate File 2311.

MidAmerican has the political and economic power to kill this bill if they stand with their ratepayers and oppose it.

MidAmerican should oppose Senate File 2311, AND support policies that urgently transition Iowa to 100% renewable energy and energy efficiency that benefit all Iowans and the future of our planet.

Contact MidAmerican’s CEO today to help us kill this bad bill!

Help us do politics differently:


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