What’s left this legislative session

Friday was another important day up at the Statehouse; it marked the “second funnel” of the legislative session.  All bills that did not pass out of one chamber and out of a corresponding committee in the opposite chamber are no longer eligible for debate this session.

As a result of the funnel, both good and bad bills we’ve been tracking have been stopped.

Bills cracking down on wage theft and raising the minimum wage didn’t survive the funnel — but neither did the More Manure Spill Bill, the bill that would reduce required training time for manure applicators.

But in an election year session where many politicians predicted a do-nothing legislature, you continued to push for a people-first agenda. 

More than ever before, you made legislation like cracking down on wage theft and raising the minimum wage front-page news (and made them issues that everyday Iowans are sure to fight for into the next legislative session). 

The dust is settling on this year’s session, but the battle for a people-first budget remains — budget bills are immune to the funnel deadline. For the remainder of the session, our citizen lobby team will work to ensure government and its budget works for us, not corporations, big ag, and other industry interests.

As always, don’t to contact us with any questions.

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