We’re on a roll!

I wish you were with us in the office right now!

We’re jumping up and down, chanting CCI-style because we’ve got excellent news – CCI supporters came through and helped us raise $9,731 yesterday, which means we’ve secured the challenge grant taking us to $14,731. Thank you!

Please join 163 other friends and neighbors and give today.

We’ve got just four more days to go. We need to raise $10,269 to reach our goal of $25,000 so we can “go big” at the Statehouse and put our issues at the center of the 2014 elections.

I can tell you that no other group does legislative work like we do:

    • We pack the Statehouse on day one and keep a team at the Statehouse almost daily for all 100 days of the session.
    • We challenge misinformation spun by Branstad and corporate lobbyists at every turn, we’re often the only everyday Iowans (not paid lobbyists) in key legislative committee meeting.
    • We shine a light on legislators doing the bidding of big money.
    • We execute fast action mobilizations at critical times when your call or email can have the biggest impact to move a good bill, or stop a bad one.

We can reach our goal to raise $25,000 in 5 days with your help. It’s easy. Here’s how:

    • Click here. Or, mail your check today to Iowa CCI Action Fund, 2001 Forest Ave, Des Moines, IA 50311.

Together we can shift the power in this state and change the way politics is done. Please give today.

Join the fight