Weekly Updates for February 15, 2019

Things really picked up this week at the Statehouse. With three weeks until the first funnel, we saw more than 1,000 files and study bills introduced.

Among the issues legislators are looking at over the next few weeks are traffic cameras, sports betting, and those nasty Medicaid and SNAP work requirements we told you about last week.

Yesterday, a team of members were at the Capitol to weigh in on the work requirement bills during the subcommittee meeting. The results: we found that Republican legislators pushing the bills didn’t understand them or the impact they could have. Even the corporate lobbyist from Opportunity Solutions Project (a right wing think tank from Florida) couldn’t explain how the bill would function as law or how many people it would affect. 

Notice what’s missing on the above list of bills? Ending privatized Medicaid and getting profits out of healthcare, a moratorium on factory farms or anything to do with clean water, and anything addressing racial profiling or dismantling racist systems in this state.

You & I both knew our people and planet first priorities would have an uphill battle this year. That’s why we need you to keep reading and get your clicking finger ready because we’re making it super easy to take action. We created letter campaigns you can use to easily email your legislators on a number of issues.

And if you have time this weekend, I hope you can make it out to a legislative forum. Your conversation with your legislator can have a big impact right now, while we still have time to make progress on a number of good bills!

Legislative Updates


More support for family caregivers!

The CARE Act is moving through the state Senate and it’s time for your Senator to hear from you!Put simply, the CARE Act would require hospitals to provide basic instruction to a designated caregiver on how to care for a loved one once they are discharged from a hospital.This bill has passed committee, but needs to come up for a vote on the Senate floor. Take action now: write a letter and find out more about our letter campaign here

Big factory farm moratorium day next Thursday

House File 203 has 13 co-sponsors. That’s double the number from last session! And, we’ve confirmed 20 representatives in total who support the bill.

This is testament to your work and the growing momentum across the state to say YES to clean water and healthy communities and NO MORE factory farms.

Next step: Join us at the Statehouse for the ‘Moratorium Now! Lobby Day’ on Thursday, February 21.

A strong turnout helps send a strong message that Iowans want action. Click here to RSVP today.

Take Action

Tell Joni Ernst and your representative to sign on to the Green New Deal

Take action now: join our letter campaign to tell Senator Ernst and your U.S. Representative to sign on to the Green New Deal.

Did you see Iowa Senator Joni Ernst’s tweet this week about the Green New Deal?

Tell Senator Ernst to stand up for a better future for all of us – not to do the bidding of her corporate cronies who profit at the expense of our health and safety.

The Green New Deal can:

  • Create millions of living wage, non-polluting jobs. The proposal is calling for a federal jobs guarantee for all who want one.
  • Transition our energy, transportation, and agricultural systems to be environmentally sustainable and good for local economies.
  • Provide guaranteed benefits for all, such as Medicare for All, real gender pay equity, paid sick and family leave, and more.
  • End all new fossil fuel extraction and fossil fuel infrastructure.

But the Green New Deal resolution that was introduced in Congress last week was only a resolution. It was not a full bill with detailed policies.That’s the beautiful part. This resolution is a starting point.

This is our chance – the people’s chance – to fight for the climate solutions we need to save the planet and save our communities.We’ve got to start organizing. Today we’re asking you to join the growing call – from the youth to the grandparents – demanding our elected officials support the Green New Deal resolution. 

Take action now: join our letter campaign to tell Senator Ernst and your U.S. Representative to sign on to the Green New Deal.

Attend an Event

Workshop on the Racial Profiling Ordinance

Racial profiling harms our communities and furthers distrust between police and the people they serve. This must stop, and it’s why our Racial Justice team is working to pass an ordinance to ban this practice in Des Moines.

Join CCI members and allies for a workshop on this campaign and plug in to next steps to help make it a reality! RSVP and details

Big day Tuesday for Story County factory farm fighters

After much public outcry, the Story County Board of Supervisors decided to appeal the Department of Natural Resources (DNR)’s decision to approve a construction permit for a 5,000 head hog factory closest to the town of Nevada.

On Tuesday, take the fight to the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC)!  The EPC has the power to overturn the DNR’s permit decision and deny this application. But we need to show up strong. Support fellow CCI members and take a stand for our air and water at 1 pm on Tuesday. RSVP here

That same night, the Story County Board of Supervisors rescheduled (third time’s a charm!) the Master Matrix Resolution meeting for 6pm that evening. It’s time for Story County to join the other 24 counties across the state and pass a resolution calling for the state government to act NOW! RSVP to join us here.

Tuesday is going to be long but people-powered day. Join us to make your voice heard- loud and clear.

Other Events

A (*) denotes CCI-sponsored events

What We’re Reading

Whew – that was a lot! Thanks for following along, reading closely, and taking action for people and planet. We have a busy week next week – and I hope to see you at one of these great events!

Speaking of that – we’re hiring new organizers! Please share our job description with anyone you think would be a good fit. 

Thanks for all you do!

Adam Mason
State Policy Organizing Director

P.S. They have corporate lobbyists. We have you! Use this link to join, renew your membership, or pitch in to keep the Statehouse work and issue organizing going strong.

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