CCI – 1, Corporate Ag – 0

Victory!  We stopped the bad factory farm manure bill!


Tough and tenacious grassroots organizing works


On Thursday, April 4th, the Iowa Senate placed the bad factory farm “mothball” manure de-regulation bill on the “unfinished business” calendar, which means it is unlikely the issue will be debated again this year.

A top Senate Democrat staffer called CCI members on April 4 and confirmed that they have no plans to debate this bill again during the 2013 session.  The Des Moines Register confirmed this on April 5 with a story that read, in part, “Democrats, meanwhile, have cited a host of reasons for rejecting…a proposal to revise rules on hog feeding operations…”

Your support helped us win this bad manure battle – but the session’s not over yet. Can you chip in $10 today to help continue the fight to put people before profits, politics, and polluters ?

This is a huge victory for Iowa CCI Action members and everyday Iowans who:

  • made over 400 phone calls to decision makers,
  • sent over 600 emails to your legislators, and
  • attended over 60 small group meetings with key legislators at the capitol in Des Moines.

It feels really good to be part of an organization with members who know how to fight and win on the issues that matter most.

When some said it was impossible to beat corporate ag, when others argued that we should compromise our core values in order to “maintain access”, we remained steadfastly resolute and determined to put principles before parties and people before profits, politics, and polluters.

Thanks to the hard work, dedication, and vision of members and everyday Iowans like you, our strategy worked.  But we can’t stop now.

This was an important victory, no question, but the legislative session isn’t over yet.

We’re still fighting for more funding to ensure that the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) can hire more factory farm investigators.  And, out of this legislative session, we will be ramping up the next steps in our Clean Water NOW campaign, pushing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and DNR to finally enforce the Clean Water Act in Iowa. Your $10 can help us continue the fight against corporate ag polluters into the future, can you help us today?

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