TPP back from the dead??

Just when you thought this issue was laid to rest, establishment politicians and their corporate cronies are trying to shove the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal through this fall.

The choice rests with the Democratic party. They’re crafting their platform and they’ve failed to include opposition to the TPP.

A coalition of groups is collecting signatures to stop the TPP and we need your voice.

Tell the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to take a strong stand against the TPP.

They’re meeting in Orlando July 8 & 9 to hammer out details of the party platform. From clean water and climate change to worker rights and so much more, the TPP is a race to the bottom.

The TPP must be stopped for the health of our workers, our environment, and everything we hold dear.

This is a defining moment to put People and Planet First. Take action now.

Let’s tell the DNC where the people stand.


Join the Fight

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