This is why elections matter

Today’s Environmental Protection Commission (EPC) meeting is an important example of why elections matter.

Today the commission – stacked most recently by Governor Branstad’s factory farm appointees – voted not to enact a long overdue ban on applying liquid [read factory farm] manure to soybean ground.

It’s a good rule and an important and easy step to prevent manure in our waterways. And, today Iowa State University scientists testified that the current limits already in place still increase water pollution by nearly 20 percent!

But despite this evidence, Branstad’s EPC failed to vote for a complete ban and this common-sense step forward on clean water went out the window. In essence, they voted for more water pollution.

Here’s who spoke in favor of the ban:  Dozens of Iowa CCI members, the Iowa Sierra Club, the Iowa Environmental Council and a representative from Des Moines Water Works, the largest municipal water system in the state.

Here’s who spoke against it: The Iowa Farm Bureau, the Iowa Soybean Association, the Iowa Corn growers Assoc. and the Iowa Pork Producers.

But, it’s not a battle that pits farmers against environmentalists. Several CCI farmers spoke in favor of the rule.

It’s very clearly a battle that pits corporate ag profits against the common good.

That’s why this election matters.

Without a doubt, whoever is elected to the statehouse Nov. 6 will have a say in the role of public oversight of factory farms. They will make important decisions on DNR funding and authority.

Do you know where your statehouse candidates stand on this issue?

It’s time to find out.

Ask your candidates running for state house and senate where they stand on the factory farm issue today. Ask them if they stand with Governor Branstad, or the people of Iowa and our natural resources.

Let us know what you hear and we can work with you to spread the word.


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