The meeting Gov. Branstad doesn’t want you to attend

Governor Branstad may never admit it, but something powerful is happening.

We´re winning.  On November 6, Iowa voters sent the governor a strong message that we´re going to continue to fight for a “put people first” alternative to his corporate agenda.

But now that the elections are over, it´s time to govern.

That´s why we´re asking CCI leaders from across Iowa to represent their communities at a statewide strategy session this Saturday, December 1, from noon until 4pm at the CCI and CCI Action Fund statewide headquarters, 2001 Forest Avenue, Des Moines.

We’ve got the stories to drive home real change during the 2013 legislative session next year.  In 2012, hundreds of CCI members just like you fought factory farms in dozens of rural counties, pushed predatory payday lenders to the margins of city limits in major urban areas, and recovered tens of thousands of dollars in stolen wages for Iowa workers.

These are real victories, and the momentum is now on our side.  But if we really want to win broad-based changes that crack down on corporate power like local control, interest rate caps, and Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections, we have to move outside of our local communities, come together as a statewide organization, and press for change at the state capitol in Des Moines.

That´s why our December 1 statehouse strategy session is so important.

Not only will we be tackling big questions about how to talk, act, and get things done on our core issue areas, we´ll also be joined by a very special guest – Iowa Policy Project Director David Osterberg – who will bring us up to speed on the biggest ticket item of them all – the state budget and progressive tax policy.  Because we know that good government working for the common good has to be fully-funded in order to effectively implement and enforce the law.

Will you join us in Des Moines on Saturday from noon to 4pm for a catered lunch followed by this very important – and exciting – meeting?

To RSVP, CLICK HERE or contact us at 515.282.0484 or email

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