Reynolds misses the mark by a country mile

I just finished watching Gov. Kim Reynolds deliver her second Condition of the State address.

Here’s our take: She missed the truth by a country mile with an address filled with falsehoods and half-truths that paint a rosy picture of what it’s like for folks across Iowa, especially in rural areas.

What we hear from people across the state paints a much different story.

In her address, Reynolds highlighted (amongst other issues):
  • Achievements last year in funding water quality,
  • Efforts to expand healthcare access around the state,
  • Balancing the state budget, and
  • Restoring felon voting rights.

CCI Action members want to call out the truth: 
Factory Farms and Water Quality: Her “funding” for water quality efforts was simply shifted around from existing state revenues that are already stretched thin. And that money is being dumped into Iowa’s failed voluntary Nutrient Reduction Strategy faster than the factory farm manure entering Iowa’s waterways, as evidenced by the ever-increasing number of impaired waterways around the state. All while the factory farm industry continues to expand at an alarming rate, threatening Iowans’ quality of life for private gain.

Healthcare: The two Managed Care Organizations (MCO’s) currently servicing Iowa’s Medicaid program continue to deny needed care to vulnerable Iowans, delay payments to service providers, and gouge public revenues to underwrite their profits. It’s immoral and an outrage.

We’re in a revenue crisis: We’re pointing to mid-year budget cuts under her short tenure and the depletion of our state’s cash reserves under her watch. The GOP’s tax cuts for the wealthiest and corporate few have devastating impacts on our communities. 

Restoring voting rights: Iowa doesn’t need to wait four years to amend our constitution to restore rights and dignity to thousands of returning citizens. Reynolds can restore their vote with an executive order, just like Branstad took them away on his first day in office back in 2011. This is political posturing on her part, leaving these Iowans hanging until after the 2022 elections. And, she needs to squash Iowa’s new Voter ID laws.

She had a lot to say about supporting everyday Iowans, urban and rural, but missed the mark. Iowans are ready for a state and elected leaders that put people before corporate interests!

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